To excite love; to win, gain, secure, etc., the love, affections, heart, etc.; to take the fancy of, to attract, attach, seduce, charm, fascinate, captivate, enamour, enrapture.

    To get into favour; to ingratiate oneself, insinuate oneself, curry favour with, pay one's court to, faire l'aimable.

    (Adjectives). Loving, liking, etc., attached to, fond of, taken with, struck with, gone on, sympathetic, sympathising with, charmed, captivated, fascinated, smitten, enamoured, lovesick, love-lorn.

    Affectionate, tender, sweet upon, loving, lover-like, loverly, amorous, amatory, amative, spoony, erotic, uxorious, ardent, passionate, devoted, over-fond; amatorial.

    (Phrase). Over head and ears in love.

    Loved, beloved, etc., dear, precious, darling, favourite 899, pet, popular.

    (Phrases). To one's mind, taste, or fancy; in one's good graces; dear as the apple of one's eye; nearest to one's heart; the idol of the people.

    Lovely, sweet, dear, charming, engaging, amiable, winning, attractive, adorable, enchanting, captivating, fascinating, bewitching, taking, seductive 829.

  1. Hate (Substantives), hatred, disaffection, disfavour, alienation, estrangement, odium, see Dislike 867 and Animosity 900.
  2. Umbrage, pique, grudge, dudgeon, spleen, bitterness, acrimony, acerbity, malice 907, implacability.

    Disgust, repugnance, aversion, averseness, loathing, abomination, horror, detestation, anti pathy, abhorrence.

    Object of hatred: an abomination, aversion, antipathy, bêtenoire.

    (Verbs). To hate, dislike, disrelish, etc. 867, loathe, nauseate, detest, abominate, shudder at, recoil at, abhor, shrink from.

    To excite hatred, estrange, alienate, disaffect, set against, to be hateful, etc.

    (Phrases). To make one's blood run cold; to have a down on.

    (Adjectives). Hating, etc., averse from or to, set against.

    Unloved, disliked, unwept, unlamented, undeplored, unmourned, unbeloved, uncared for, unvalued.

    Crossed in love, forsaken, rejected, lovelorn.

    Obnoxious, hateful, abhorrent, odious, repulsive, offensive, shocking, loathsome, sickening, nauseous, disgusting, abominable, horrid 649.

    Invidious, spiteful, malicious, spleenful, disgustful.

    Insulting, irritating, provoking.

    (Phrases). Mutual hate: there being no love lost between them; being at daggers drawn.

  3. Favourite (Substantives), pet, cosset, dear, darling, jewel, idol, minion, spoilt child, enfant gâté, persona grata.
  4. (Phrases). The apple of one's eye; a man after one's own heart.

  5. Resentment (Substantives), displeasure, animosity, anger, wrath, indignation.

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