(Phrases). To go to law; to take the law of; to appeal to the law; to join issue; file a bill; file a claim; to inform against; take an information; serve with a writ; bring an action against; bring to trial; bring to the bar; give in charge or custody; throw into prison.

    To try, hear a cause, sit in judgment.

    To pronounce, find, judge, adjudge, sentence, give judgment; bring in a verdict; doom, to arbitrate, adjudicate, award, report.

    (Phrases). Adhuc sub judice lis est ; pendente lite.

  • Acquittal (Substantives), acquitment, absolution, quietus, see Pardon 918, clearance, discharge, release, reprieve, respite, compurgation.
  • Exemption from punishment: impunity.

    (Verbs). To acquit, absolve, whitewash, clear, assoil, discharge, release, reprieve, respite.

    (Adjectives). Acquitted, etc.

    Uncondemned, unpunished, unchastised.

  • Condemnation (Substantives), conviction, proscription, damnation, death-warrant.
  • Attainder, attainture, attaintment.

    (Verbs). To condemn, convict, cast, find guilty, proscribe, attaint, damn, confiscate.

    (Adjective). Condemnatory, etc.

  • Punishment (Substantives), punition, chastisement, castigation, correction, chastening, discipline, infliction.
  • Retribution, requital, reward 973, reckoning, Nemesis.

    Imprisonment 751, transportation, exile 297, cucking-or ducking-stool, treadmill, crank, hulks, galleys, penal servitude, preventive detention.

    A blow, slap, spank, swish, hit, knock, rap, thump, bang, stroke, cuff, kick, whack, thwack, box, punch, pummel.

    Beating, lash, flagellation, flogging, etc., dressing, lacing, tanning, knock-out, fustigation, leathering, lathering, jacketing, gruelling, spiflication, bastinado, strappado, pillory, running the gauntlet, picketing, coup de grâce, peine forte et dure, strap-oil.

    Execution, hanging, beheading, decollation, decapitation, electrocution, guillotine, garrotte, auto da fé, crucifixion, impalement, etc., martyrdom.

    (Verbs). To punish, chastise, castigate, chasten, correct, inflict punishment, pay, do for, serve out, pay out, visit upon, give it to, strafe, spiflicate.

    (Phrases). To make an example of; to serve one right.

    To strike, hit, smite, knock, slap, flap, rap, bang, thwack, whack, thump, kick, punch, pelt, beat, buffet, thrash, swinge, pummel, clapperclaw, drub, trounce, baste, belabour, lace, strap, comb, lash, lick, whip, flog, scourge, knout, swish, spank, birch, tan, larrup, lay into, knock out, wallop, leather, flagellate, horsewhip, bastinado, lapidate, stone.

    (Phrases). To give a dressing; to dust one's jacket; to tweak or pull the nose; to box the ears; to beat to a mummy, or jelly; to tar and feather; to give a black eye; to lay it on.

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