Curable, corrigible, capable of improvement.

  • Deterioration (Substantives), wane, ebb, debasement, degeneracy, degeneration, degradation, degenerateness.
  • Impairment, injury, outrage, havoc, devastation, inroad, vitiation, adulteration, sophistication, debasement, perversion, corruption, prostitution, pollution, alloy, venenation.

    Decline, declension, declination, going down-hill, recession, retrogression, retrogradation 283, caducity, decrepitude, decadence, falling off, pejoration.

    Decay, disorganisation, wear and tear, mouldiness, rottenness, moth and rust, dry-rot, blight, marasmus, falling to pieces, délâbrement.

    Incurableness, incurability, remedilessness, see Hopelessness 859.

    (Verbs). To be, or become deteriorated, to deteriorate, wane, ebb, degenerate, fall off, decline, go downhill, sink, go down, lapse, droop, be the worse for, recede, retrograde, revert 283, fall into decay, fade, break, break down, fall to pieces, wither, moulder, rot, rust, crumble, totter, shake, tumble, fall, topple, perish, die 360.

    (Phrases). To go to rack and ruin; to fall into the sere and yellow leaf; to go to the dogs; to go to pot; to go on from bad to worse; to go farther and fare worse; to run to seed.

    To render less good; to deteriorate, impair, vitiate, debase, alloy, pervert.

    To spoil, embase, defile, taint, infect, contaminate, sophisticate, poison, canker, corrupt, pollute, deprave, leaven, envenom, debauch, prostitute, defile, adulterate, stain, spatter, bespatter, soil, tarnish 653, addle.

    To corrode, erode, wear away, wear out, gnaw, at the root of, sap, mine, undermine, shake, break up, disorganise, dismantle, dismast, lay waste, do for, ruin, confound.

    To embitter, acerbate, aggravate.

    To injure, harm, hurt, damage, endamage, damnify, etc. 649.

    (Phrases). To play the deuce with; to sap the foundations of.

    (Adjectives). Deteriorated, become worse, impaired, etc., degenerate, passé, on the decline, on the down- grade, deciduous, unimproved, unrecovered, unrestored.

    Remediless, hopeless, past cure, past mending, irreparable, irremediable, cureless, incurable, irrecoverable, irretrievable, irreclaimable, irredeemable, irreversible, immitigable, helpless.

    Decayed, etc., moth-eaten, worm-eaten, mildewed, rusty, time-worn, moss-grown, effete, wasted, worn, crumbling, tumble-down, dilapidated, overblown.

    (Phrases). Out of the frying-pan into the fire; the worse for wear; worn to a thread; worn to a shadow; reduced to a skeleton; the ghost of oneself; a hopeless case; ègrescit medendo.

  • Restoration (Substantives), reinstatement, replacement, instauration, re-establishment, rectification, revendication, redintegration, refection, reconstitution, cure, sanation, refitting, recruiting, redress, retrieval, etc., refreshment.
  • Renovation, reanimation, recovery, recure, resuscitation, revivification, reviviscence, revival, renascence, renaissance, rejuvenation, rejuvenescence, regeneration, regeneracy, regenerateness, redemption; a Phœnix.

    Réchauffé, rifacimento 658, recast.

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