(Phrase). To tell another story.

    (Adjectives). Countervailing,etc., contradictory, unattested, unvouched for.

    (Adverbs). Although, though, but, per contra.

    (Phrase). Audi alteram partem.

  1. Qualification (Substantives), limitation, modification, allowance, grains of allowance, consideration, extenuating circumstance, condition, proviso, exception 83, assumption 514.
  2. (Verbs). To qualify, limit, modify, tone down, discount, allow for, make allowance for, take into account, introduce new conditions, admit exceptions, take exception.

    (Adjectives). Qualifying, etc., conditional, exceptional 83, postulatory, hypothetical.

    (Adverbs). Provided, if, unless, but, yet, according as, conditionally, admitting, supposing; on the supposition, assumption, presumption, allegation, hypothesis, etc., of; with the understanding, even, although, for all that, at all events, after all.

    (Phrases). With a grain of salt; cum grano salis; exceptis excipiendis.

    Degrees of Evidence

  3. Possibility (Substantives), potentiality, contingency, see Chance 156, what may be, what is possible, etc.
  4. Practicability, feasibility 705, compatibility 23.

    (Verbs). To be possible, etc., to admit of, to bear; may, may be, mayhap.

    To render possible, etc., to put into the way of.

    (Adjectives). Possible, contingent.

    Practicable, feasible, achievable, attainable, obtainable, compatible.

    (Adverbs). Possibly, by possibility, maybe, perhaps, in posse 156.

    (Phrases). Wind and weather permitting; within the bounds of possibility; on the cards; D.V.

  5. Impossibility (Substantives), what cannot be, what can never be, hopelessness 859, a dead lift.
  6. Impracticability, incompatibility 704, incredibility.

    (Verbs). To be impossible, etc., to have no chance whatever.

    (Phrases). To make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; prendre la lune avec les dents; to square the circle; to eat one's cake and have it too.

    (Adjectives). Impossible, contrary to reason, inconceivable, unreasonable, incredible, marvellous, desperate, hopeless, unheard of, unthinkable.

    Impracticable, unattainable, unachievable, unfeasible, infeasible, beyond control, unobtainable, unprocurable, ideal.

    (Phrases). Out of the question; sour grapes.

  7. Probability (Substantives), likelihood, vraisemblance, verisimilitude, plausibility, a show of, credibility, reasonable chance, favourable chance, fair chance, presumptive evidence, circumstantial evidence, the main chance, a prima facie case.

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