• Reproduction (Substantives), renovation, reconstruction, revival, regeneration, revivification, resuscitation, reanimation, resurrection, reappearance, palingenesis, reincarnation, phœnix 660.
  • (Verbs). To reproduce, revive, renovate, rebuild, reconstruct, regenerate, revivify, resurrect, resuscitate, reincarnate, quicken; come again into life, reappear.

    (Phrase). Spring up like a mushroom.

    (Adjectives). Reproduced, etc., renascent, reappearing.

  • Producer (Substantives), originator, author, founder, workman, doer, performer, etc., forger, agent 690, builder, architect, factor.
  • Destroyer (Substantives), extinguisher, exterminator, assassin 361, executioner 975, ravager, annihilator, subverter, etc.
  • Paternity (Substantives), parentage, parent, father, sire, paterfamilias, pater, dad; mother, dam; materfamilias, mater, procreator, progenitor, ancestor, ancestry, forefathers, forbears, grandsire; house, parent stem, trunk, stock, pedigree; mother-hood, maternity; papa, mamma.
  • Posterity (Substantives), progeny, breed, issue, offspring, brood, seed, spawn, scion, offset, child, son, daughter, bantling, shoot, sprout, sprig, slip, branch, line, lineage, filiation, family, off-shoot, ramification, descendant.
  • Straight descent, sonship, primogeniture, ultimogeniture.

    (Phrase). A chip of the old block.

  • Productiveness (Substantives), fecundity, fruitfulness, fertility, prolificness.
  • Pregnancy, gestation, pullulation, fructification, multiplication, propagation, procreation.

    A milch cow, a rabbit, a warren, a hydra.

    (Verbs). To procreate 161, multiply, teem, pullulate, fructify, proliferate, generate.

    (Adjectives). Productive, prolific, teeming, fertile, fruitful, luxuriant, fecund, pregnant, gravid, enceinte, with child, with young.

    Procreant, procreative, generative, propagable, life-giving.

  • Unproductiveness (Substantives), infertility, barrenness, sterility, unfruitfulness, unprofitableness, infecundity, see Inutility 645, non-agency.
  • (Verb). To be unproductive, etc.

    (Adjectives). Unproductive, in-operative, barren, addle, unfertile, unprolific, sterile, unfruitful, hungry, teemless, infecund, issueless, unprofitable 645.

  • Agency (Substantives), operation, force, working, strain, function, office, hand, intervention, exercise, work, swing, play, causation 153, impelling force, mediation 631; see Action 680.
  • Modus operandi, quickening power, maintaining power.

    (Verbs). To be in action, to operate, work, act, perform, play, support, sustain, strain, maintain, take effect, quicken, strike; strike hard, strike home, bring to bear.

    (Phrases). To come into play; to make an impression.

    (Adjectives). Acting, operating, etc., operative, efficient, efficacious, effectual, in force.

    Acted upon, wrought upon.

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