Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division I.—Individual Volition

Section II.—Prospective Volition1
I°. Conceptional Volition
  1. Intention (Substantives), intent, purpose, design, purport, mind, meaning, animus, view, set purpose, point, bent, turn, proposal, study, scope, purview.
  2. Final cause, object, aim, end, drift, destination, mark, point, butt, goal, target, prey, quarry, game, quintain, objective; the philosopher's stone.

    Decision, determination, resolve, resolution 604, predetermination 611; set purpose.

    A hobby, ambition, wish; see Desire 865.

    Study of final causes, Teleology; of final issues, Eschatology.

    (Verbs). To intend, purpose, design, destinate, mean, aim at, propose to oneself.

    (Phrases). Have in view; have in petto; have in one's eye; have an eye to.

    To be at, drive at, be after, point at, level at, take aim, aspire at or after, endeavour after, destine.

    To meditate, think of, dream of, premeditate 611, contemplate, compass.

    To propose, project, devise, take into one's head.

    (Phrases). Take upon oneself; to have to do; to see one's way; to find in one's heart.

    (Adjectives). Intended, etc., intentional, minded, express, prepense, aforethought, set upon, bent upon, intent upon, in view, in petto, in prospect; teleological, eschatological.

    (Phrases). In the wind; sur le tapis; in contemplation.

    (Adverbs). Intentionally, etc., expressly, designedly, purposely, on purpose, with a view to, with an eye to, for the purpose of, with the view of, in order to, to the end that, on account of, in pursuance of, pursuant to, with the intent, etc.

    (Phrases). In good earnest; with one's eyes open; to all intents and purposes.

  3. Absence of purpose in the succession of events.
  4. Chance2 (Substantives), fortune, accident, hazard, hap, haphazard 156, lot, chance-medley, hit, fluke, casualty, contingency, fate, adventure, random shot, off-chance.

    (Phrases). A toss-up; a gamble; a turn of the dice or cards.

    A godsend, luck, a run of luck, a windfall, etc. 618.

    Drawing lots, sortilege.

    Wager, bet, flutter, betting.

    (Phrases). A blind bargain; a pig in a poke.

    (Verbs). To chance, hap, turn up; to stand a chance.

    (Phrases). To take one's chance; to chance it; try one's luck; shuffle the cards; put into a lottery, lay a wager; toss up, spin a coin, cast lots, draw lots; stand the hazard.

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