(Phrases). J'y suis, j'y reste: qualis ab incepto; firm as a rock; when the Ethiopian changes his skin.

    Present events

  1. Eventuality (Substantives), event, occurrence, incident, affair, transaction, proceeding, fact, matter of fact, phenomenon, advent.
  2. Business, concern, circumstance, particular, casualty, accident, adventure, passage, crisis, episode, pass, emergency, contingency, consequence.

    The world, life, things, doings, course of things, the course, tide, stream, current, run, etc., of events.

    (Phrases). Stirring events; the ups and downs of life; the chapter of accidents; the cast of the die 156.

    (Verbs). To happen, occur, take place, take effect, come, come of, become of, come about, come off, pass, come to pass, fall, fall out, run, be on foot, fall in, befall, betide, bechance, befortune, turn out, go off, prove, eventuate, draw on, turn up, cast up, supervene, survene, issue, arrive, ensue, arise, spring, start, come into existence.

    Pass off, wear off, blow over.

    To experience, meet with, go through, pass through, endure 821, suffer, fare.

    (Adjectives). Happening, occurring, etc., current, incidental, eventful, stirring, bustling.

    (Phrase). The plot thickening.

    (Adverbs). Eventually, in the event of, on foot, on the tapis, as it may happen, happen what may, at all events, sink or swim, come what may.

    (Phrases). In the course of things; in the long run; as the tree falls; as the cat jumps; as the world goes.

    Future events

  3. Destiny (Substantives), fatality, fate, doom, destination, lot, fortune, star, planet, preordination, predestination, fatalism, inevitableness, kismet, see Futurity 121, and Necessity 601.
  4. (Phrases). The decrees of fate; the wheel of fortune.

    (Verbs). To impend, hang over, overhang, be in store, await, come on, approach, stare one in the face, foreordain, preordain, predestine, doom, must be.

    (Adjectives). About to happen, impending, coming, etc., inevitable, ineluctable, inexorable, fated, doomed, devoted.

    (Adverbs). Necessarily, ex necessitate rei.

    (Phrases). What must be, must; che sarà sarà; "It is written"; the die is cast; the Rubicon is crossed; jacta est alea.

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