Words Relating to Space

Section I.—Space in General

1°. Abstract Space
  1. Indefinite space.
  2. Space (Substantives), extension, extent, expanse, room, scope, range, way, expansion, compass, sweep, play, latitude, field, swing, spread; spare room, headway, elbow-room, freedom, house-room, stowage, roomage, margin.

    Open space, void space, vacuity 4, opening, waste, wilderness, moor, moorland, campagna, tundra.

    Abyss, unlimited space, the four winds, see Infinity 105, Ubiquity 186.

    (Adjectives). Spatial, two-dimensional, three-dimensional.

    Spacious, roomy, extensive, expansive, capacious, ample.

    Boundless, unlimited, unbounded, limitless, infinite, ubiquitous, shoreless, trackless, pathless, illimitable.

    (Adverbs). Extensively, etc., wherever, everywhere.

    (Phrases). The length and the breadth of the land; far and near, far and wide; all over; all the world over; from China to Peru; in every quarter; in all quarters; in all lands; here, there, and everywhere; from pole to pole; throughout the world; under the sun.

  3. Inextension (Substantives), mathematical point.

    (Adjective). One-dimensional.

  4. Definite space.
  5. Region (Substantives), sphere, ground, area, realm, quarter, district, orb, circuit, circle, compartment, domain, tract, department, territory, country, canton, county, shire, parish, province, arrondissement, commune, principality, duchy, kingdom.

    Arena, precincts, enceinte, walk, patch, plot, paddock, enclosure, field, compound.

    Clime, climate, zone, meridian.

    (Adjectives). Regional, territorial, zonal, climatic, departmental, etc.

    Limited space, locality.

  6. Place (Substantives), lieu, spot, point, nook, corner, recess, hole, niche, compartment, premises, precinct, station, pitch, venue, latitude and longitude, abode 189.
  7. Indefinite place.

    (Adverbs). Somewhere, in some place, wherever it may be.

2°. Relative Space
  • Situation (Substantives), position, locality, status, latitude and longitude, footing, standing, post, stage, bearings, aspect, attitude, posture, lie, emplacement.
  • Place, site, station, pitch, seat, venue, the whereabouts, direction, azimuth, etc. 278.

    Topography, Geography, Chorography.

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