Pressure, high pressure.

    (Verbs). To be powerful, etc., to exercise power, sway, etc., to constrain.

    To be the property, virtue, attribute, etc., of; to belong to, pertain to, to appertain to, to lie or be in one's power.

    To give or confer power, to empower, enable, invest, endue, endow, arm, etc., see Strengthen 159.

    To gain power, to take root.

    (Adjectives). Productive, prolific, powerful, potent, puissant, potential, capable, able, cogent, valid, effective, effectual, efficient, efficacious, adequate, competent.

    Forcible, energetic, vigorous, vivid, sturdy, rousing, all-powerful, resistless, irresistible, inextinguishable, sovereign, invincible, unconquerable, indomitable.

    (Adverbs). Powerfully, etc., by virtue of, in full force.

  • Impotence (Substantives), inability, disability, disablement, impuissance, imbecility, inaptitude, incapacity, incapability, invalidity, inefficacy, inefficiency, inefficaciousness, ineffectualness, disqualification, helplessness, incompetence.
  • Tele imbellum; sine ictu; brutum fulmen; blank cartridge.

    (Verbs). To be impotent, powerless, etc.

    To render powerless, etc., to deprive of power, disable, disenable, incapacitate, disqualify, invalidate, nullify, deaden, cripple, cramp, paralyse, muzzle, hamstring, bowl over.

    (Phrases). Clip the wings of; spike the guns; put hors de combat; break the neck of; break the back; put a spoke in one's wheel; see Weaken 160.

    (Adjectives). Powerless, impotent, unable, incapable, incompetent, inadequate, unequal to, inefficient, inefficacious, inept, ineffectual, ineffective, inoperative, nugatory, incapacitated, imbecile, disqualified, disabled, armless, disarmed, unarmed, weaponless, defenceless; unnerved, paralysed, disjointed, nerveless, adynamic, unendowed.

    (Phrases). Laid on the shelf, laid on one's back; hors de combat; not having a leg to stand on.

  • Degree of power.
  • Strength (Substantives), energy 171, vigour, vitality, force, main force, physical force, brute force, spring, elasticity, tone, tension, tonicity.

    Stoutness, sturdiness, lustiness, lustihood, stamina, nerve, muscle, thews and sinews, backbone, pith, pithiness.

    Adamant, steel, iron, oak, heart of oak.

    An athlete, an Atlas, a Hercules, an Antèus, a Sampson, Cyclops, Goliath.

    A giant refreshed, a tower of strength.

    Strengthening, invigoration, bracing, recruital, recruitment, refreshment, refocillation 689.

    Science of forces: Dynamics, Statics.

    (Verbs). To be strong, etc., to be stronger, to overmatch.

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