Pioneer, avant-courier 64.

    (In a medal), the obverse.

    (Verbs). To be in front, etc., to front, face, envisage, confront, bend forward, etc.

    (Adjectives). Fore, anterior, front, frontal, facial.

    (Adverbs). Before, in front, ahead, right ahead, in the van, foremost, vis-à-vis, in the foreground, face to face, before one's eyes, in the lee of.

  • Rear (Substantives), back, posteriority, the rear rank, rear - guard, the background, heels, tail, scut, rump, croup, crupper, breech, backside, buttocks, haunches, hunkers, hind quarters, dorsum, dorsal region, stern, poop, after-part, heel-piece, wake.
  • (In a medal), the reverse.

    (Verbs). To be in the rear, behind, etc., to fall astern, to bend backwards, to back on.

    (Phrases). Turn the back upon; bring up the rear.

    (Adjectives). Back, rear, postern, hind, hinder, hindmost, posterior, dorsal, after.

    (Adverbs). Behind, in the rear.

    (Phrases). In the background; behind one's back; at the heels of; at the tail of; at the back of.

    After, aft, abaft, astern, stern-most, aback, rearward.

  • Laterality (Substantives), side, flank, quarter, hand, cheek, jowl, wing, profile, temple, loin, haunch, hip, broadside, lee-side, lee.
  • East, orient.

    West, occident.

    (Verbs). To be on one side, etc., to flank, outflank, to sidle, skirt.

    (Adjectives). Lateral, sidelong, collateral, sideling, many-sided, oriental, occidental, eastward, westward.

    (Adverbs). Sideways, side by side 216, sidelong, abreast, alongside, aside, by the side of, to windward, or to leeward.

    (Phrase). Cheek by jowl.

  • Antiposition (Substantives), opposite side, contraposition, reverse, inverse, antipodes, opposition, inversion 218.
  • Polarity, opposite poles, North and South Poles.

    (Verbs). To be opposite, etc., subtend.

    (Adjectives). Opposite, reverse, inverse, antipodal, subcontrary.

    Fronting, facing, diametrically opposite, vis-à-vis.

    Boreal, arctic, austral, antarctic.

    (Adverbs). Over, over the way, over against, facing, against fronting 234, face to face, subtending.

  • Dextrality (Substantives), right, right hand, dexter, off-side, starboard, recto.

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