(Adverbs). Less, under or below the mark, below par, at the bottom of the scale, at a low ebb, short of, at a disadvantage.

    Changes in Quantity

  • Increase (Substantives), augmentation, enlargement, extension, dilatation (see 194), increment, accretion, development, growth, swell, swelling, expansion, aggrandisement, aggravation, rise, exacerbation, spread, diffusion 73, flood-tide; accession.
  • (Verbs). To increase, augment, enlarge, amplify, extend, dilate, swell, wax, expand, grow, stretch, shoot up, rise, run up, sprout, advance, spread, gather head, aggrandise, add, superadd, raise, heighten, strengthen, greaten, exalt, enhance, magnify, redouble, aggravate, exaggerate, exasperate, exacerbate.

    (Phrases). To add fuel to the flame; to pour oil on the flames.

    (Adjectives). Increased, augmented, enlarged, etc., undiminished; cumulative.

    (Adverb). Crescendo.

  • Non-increase
  • Decrease (Substantives), diminution, depreciation, lessening, reduction, abatement, bating, declension, falling off, dwindling, contraction 195, shrinking, attenuation, extenuation, abridgment, curtailment 201, coarctation, narrowing.

    Subsidence, wane, ebb, decrement.

    (Verbs). To decrease, diminish, lessen, dwindle, decay, shrink, contract, shrivel, fall off, fall away, waste, wear, wane, ebb, decline, wear off, run low, grow downward.

    To abridge, reduce, curtail, cut down, pare down, cut short, dock, etc. 201, bate, abate, extenuate, lower, weaken, dwarf; to mitigate, etc. 174, to throw in the shade.

    (Phrase). To hide its diminished head.

    (Adjectives). Decreased, diminished, lessened, etc., shorn, short by, decreasing, on the wane.

    (Adverbs). Diminuendo, decrescendo.

3°. Conjunctive Quantity
  • Addition (Substantives), introduction, superinduction, annexation, superposition, superaddition, subjunction, supervention, accession, superfetation, corollary, reinforcement, supplement, accompaniment 88, sprinkling.
  • (Verbs). To add, annex, affix, superadd, supplement, subjoin, superpose, throw in, clap on, tack to, append, tag, engraft, saddle on, saddle with, sprinkle, superinduce, introduce, work in; to extra-illustrate, grangerise.

    To become added, to accrue, advene, supervene.

    (Phrase). To swell the ranks of.

    (Adjectives). Added, annexed, etc., additional, supplementary, suppletory, subjunctive, adscititious, additive, accessory, cumulative, extra.

    (Adverbs). In addition, more, plus, extra.

    And, also, likewise, too, furthermore, item, and also, and eke, else, besides, to boot, etcetera, and so forth, into the bargain, cum multis aliis, over and above, moreover.

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