Trousers, trews, breeches, galligaskins, knickerbockers, knickers, drawers, pantaloons, pants, overalls, dungarees, unmentionables, inexpressibles, smalls, tights, bags, breeks, slacks.

    Cap, hat, top-hat, bowler, panama, slouch-hat, deerstalker, billycock, wide-awake, beaver, castor, bonnet, toque, sun-bonnet, hood, head-gear, head-dress, kerchief, scarf, coiffure, coif, tartan, skull-cap, calotte, biretta, cowl, chaplet, capote, calash, pelt, wig, peruke, periwig, toupee, transformation, chignon, caftan, turban, puggaree, fez, helmet, shako, busby, képi, casque.

    Shirt, smock, shift, chemise, chemisette, nightshirt, nightdress, pyjamas, bed-jacket, bed-gown, collar, cravat, neck-cloth, neck-tie, stock, handkerchief.

    Shoe, pump, high-low, Oxford shoe, sabot, brogue, boot, jack-boot, slipper, galosh, overshoe, legging, puttee, buskin, greaves, galligaskins, mocassin, gambado, gaiter, spatterdash, spat, stocking, sock, hose, sandal, clog, babouche.

    Glove, gauntlet, mitten, muff.

    (Verbs). To invest, cover, envelop, lap, involve, drape, enwrap, wrap up, lap up, sheathe, vest, clothe, array, enrobe, dress, dight, attire, apparel, accoutre, trick out, rig, fit out, fig out, caparison, adonise, don, put on, wear, have on, huddle on, slip on, roll up in, muffle, perk up, mantle, swathe, swaddle, equip, harness.

    (Adjectives). Invested, clothed, arrayed, dight, etc., clad, shod, etc.; sartorial.

  • Divestment (Substantives), nudity, bareness, nakedness, baldness, undress, dishabille, threadbareness.
  • Denuding, denudation, stripping, uncovering, decortication, peeling, flaying, excoriation, desquamation, moulting, exfoliation.

    (Verbs). To divest, uncover, denude, bare, strip, unclothe, undress, unrobe, disrobe, disapparel, disarray, take off, doff, cast off, peel, pare, decorticate, husk, uncoif, unbonnet, excoriate, skin, flay, expose, exfoliate, lay open, unroof, uncase, unsheathe, moult.

    (Adjectives). Bare, naked, nude, stripped, denuded, undressed, unclothed, unclad, undraped, uncovered, unshod, unbonneted, exposed, in dishabille, in buff, bald, threadbare, ragged, callow, roofless.

    (Phrases). In a state of nature; stark-naked; in puris naturalibus; stripped to the buff; bald as a coot; as bare as the back of one's hand; out at elbows.

  • Circumjacence (Substantives), circumambiency, encompassment, atmosphere, medium, outpost, skirt, outskirts, boulevards, suburbs, purlieus, precincts, faubourgs, environs, entourage, banlieue.
  • (Verbs). To lie around, surround, beset, set about, compass, encompass, environ, enclose, encircle, embrace, lap, gird, begird, engirdle, orb, enlace, skirt, twine round, see 231.

    (Adjectives). Circumjacent, ambient, circumambient, surrounding, etc., circumfluent, circumferential, suburban, extra-mural, landlocked, begirt, buried in 363, immersed in 300, embosomed, in the bosom of.

    (Adverbs). Around, about, without, on every side, on all sides, right and left, all around, round about.

  • Interjacence (Substantives), interlocation, intervention, insertion, interposition, interdigitation, interpolation, interlineation, intercurrence, intrusion, obtrusion, insinuation, intercalation, insertion, interference, permeation, infiltration.
  • An intermedium, intermediary, a go-between, bodkin, intruder, interloper, parenthesis, gag, flyleaf, entresol, see Mean 68.

    A partition, septum, panel, diaphragm, party-wall.

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