Pay in advance: Earnest, handsel, deposit, prepayment, entrance-fee, entrance.

    Contribution, donation, subscription, deposit, contingent, dole, quota.

    Investment, purchase, etc. (see 795), alms (see 748).

    (Verbs). To expend, spend, pay, disburse, lay out, lay or pay down, to cash, to come down with, to fork out, bleed, make up a sum, to invest, sink money, prepay, to tip.

    (Phrases). To unloose the purse-strings; fork out the money; to pay the piper; to pay through the nose.

    (Adjectives). Expending, etc., expended, etc., sumptuary.

  • Receipt (Substantives), money coming in, incomings.
  • Income, revenue, rent, rental, rent-roll, rentage, return, proceeds, premium, bonus, gate-money, royalty.

    Pension, annuity, jointure, dower, dowry, dot, alimony.

    Emoluments, perquisites, recompense, etc. (see 809), sinecure.

    (Verbs). To receive, pocket, bag, etc.; see Take (785 and 789), to draw from, derive from.

    To bring in, yield, return, afford, pay, accrue.

    (Phrases). To get what will make the pot boil; keep the wolf from the door; bring grist to the mill.

    (Adjectives). Receiving, etc., received, etc.

    Gainful, profitable, remunerative, lucrative, advantageous, etc. 775.

  • Accounts (Substantives), money matters, bills, score, balance-sheet, books, account-books, ledger, debtor and creditor accounts, cash-book, cash account, running account.
  • Book-keeping, audit, double entry, reckoning.

    An accountant, auditor, actuary, book-keeper.

    (Verbs). To keep accounts, enter, post, credit, debit, carry over; balance, make up accounts, take stock, audit.

    To falsify, garble, cook, or doctor accounts.

  • Price (Substantives), cost, expense, charge, demand, run upon, damage, fare.
  • Dues, duty, toll, tax, supertax, rate, cess, levy, gabelle, octroi, assessment, benevolence, custom, exactment, ransom, salvage, excise, tariff, brokerage.

    Bill, account, score, reckoning.

    Worth, rate, value, valuation, evaluation, appraisement, market price; money's worth, penny-worth; price- current, price list.

    (Verbs). To set or fix a price, appraise, assess, value, evaluate, price, charge, demand, ask, require, exact.

    (Phrases). To run up a bill; to amount to.

    To fetch, sell for, cost, bring in, yield, make, change hands for, go for, realise, run into, stand one in; afford.

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