A recipient, stipendiary, beneficiary, almsman.

    (Verbs). To receive, take 789, accept, admit, catch, catch at, jump at, take in.

    (Adjectives). Receiving, etc., recipient.

    Not given, unbestowed.

  • Apportionment (Substantives), distribution, allotment, partition, division, deal, share-out.
  • Dividend, portion, contingent, share, allotment, lot, measure, dole, pittance, quantum, ration, quota, modicum, allowance, appropriation.

    (Verbs). To apportion, divide, distribute, billet, allot, cast, share, mete, parcel out, serve out, deal, partition, appropriate, assign.

    (Adjective). Apportioning, etc.

  • Lending (Substantives), loan, advance, mortgage, accommodation, pawn, pignoration, hypothecation, investment; pawnshop, mont de piété.
  • Lender, pawnbroker, uncle.

    (Verbs). To lend, advance, mortgage, invest, pawn, impawn, hypothecate, impignorate, place or put out to interest, accommodate with.

    (Adjectives). Lending, etc., unborrowed.

    (Adverb). In advance.

  • Borrowing (Substantives), pledging, replevin, borrowed plumes, plagiarism, plagiary.
  • (Verbs). To borrow, raise money, raise the wind; to plagiarise.

    (Adjectives). Borrowing, etc., borrowed, second-hand.

    (Phrases). To borrow of Peter to pay Paul; to run into debt; to put up the spout.

  • Taking (Substantives), appropriation, prehension, capture, seizure, abduction, ablation, catching, seizing, etc., kidnapping, round-up.
  • Abstraction, subtraction, deduction, subduction.

    Dispossession, deprivation, deprival, bereavement, divestment, sequestration, confiscation, disendowment.

    Resumption, reprise, reprisal.

    Clutch, swoop, wrench.

    (Verbs). To take, capture, lay one's hands on; lay, take, or get hold of; to help oneself to; to possess oneself of, take possession of, make sure of, make free with.

    To appropriate, impropriate, pocket, put into one's pocket, bag, sack; to ease one of.

    To pick up, gather, collect, round up, net, absorb 296, reap, glean, crop, get in the harvest, intercept, tap.

    To take away, carry away, carry off, bear off, hurry off with, abduct, kidnap, crimp.

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