Longanimity, placability.

    (Phrases). Amantium irœ; locus penitentiœ.

    (Verbs). To forgive, pardon, excuse, pass over, overlook, forgive and forget, absolve, pass, let off, remit, reprieve, exculpate, exonerate.

    To allow for; to make allowance for.

    To conciliate, propitiate, pacify, placate, reconcile.

    (Phrases). To make it up; to shake hands; to heal the breach; to kiss and be friends; to let bygones be bygones.

    (Adjectives). Forgiving, etc., unreproachful, placable.

    Forgiven, etc., unresented.

  • Revenge (Substantives), vengeance, revengement, avengement, vendetta, retaliation.
  • Rancour, vindictiveness, implacability, Nemesis.

    Revenger, avenger, vindicator.

    (Verbs). To revenge, take revenge, avenge.

    (Phrases). To wreak one's vengeance; to visit the sins on; to breathe vengeance; to have a bone to pick with; to have accounts to settle; to have a rod in pickle; to get a knife into; to take one's change out of.

    To harbour vindictive feelings; to rankle in the breast.

    (Adjectives). Revengeful, vindictive, vengeful, rancorous, unforgiving, pitiless, unrelenting, relentless, implacable, rigorous.

    (Phrases). "Æternum servans sub pectore vulnus"; manet alta mente repostum.

  • Jealousy (Substantive), jealousness.
  • (Phrases). A jaundiced eye; the green-eyed monster.

    (Verbs). To be jealous, etc.; to view with jealousy.

    (Adjectives). Jealous, jaundiced, yellow-eyed, unrevenged, hornmad.

  • Envy (Substantives), rivalry, covetousness; a Zoilus.
  • (Verbs). To envy, covet.

    (Adjectives). Envious, invidious.

    (Phrase). Alieni appetens.

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