Apostate, renegade, pervert, black sheep, traitor, arch-traitor, betrayer, recreant, miscreant, cullion, outcast, mean wretch, âme de boue, slubberdegullion, a snake in the grass, see 949.

  • Disinterestedness (Substantives), generosity, high-mindedness, nobleness, elevation, liberality, greatness, loftiness, exaltation, magnanimity, chivalry, chivalrous spirit, heroism, sublimity, unselfishness, altruism, self-forgetfulness, unworldliness.
  • Self - denial, self - abnegation, self-sacrifice, self-restraint, self-control, devotion, stoicism.

    (Phrases). To put oneself in the background, in the place of others.

    (Adjectives). Disinterested, generous, unselfish, self-forgetful, handsome, liberal, noble, princely, great, high, high-minded, elevated, lofty, exalted, spirited, stoical, self-devoted, magnanimous, chivalrous, heroic, sublime, unworldly.

    Unbought, unbribed, pure, uncorrupted, incorruptible.

    (Adverb). En prince.

  • Selfishness (Substantives), egotism, egoism, self-regard, self-love, self-indulgence, worldliness, worldly- mindedness, earthly-mindedness, self-interest, opportunism.
  • Illiberality, meanness, baseness.

    A time - server, tuft - hunter, fortune-hunter, jobber, worldling, self-seeker, opportunist.

    (Verbs). To be selfish, etc., narrow-minded, to indulge oneself, to coddle oneself.

    (Phrases). To look after one's own interest; to take care of number one; to have an eye for the main chance.

    (Adjectives). Selfish, egotistical, egoistical, self-indulgent, apolaustic, self-regarding, illiberal, self-seeking, mercenary, mean, ungenerous, narrow-minded.

    Worldly, earthly, mundane, time-serving, worldly-minded.

    (Phrases). The dog in the manger; après nous le déluge; the charity that begins at home.

  • Virtue (Substantives), goodness, righteousness, morals, morality, rectitude, correctness, dutifulness, conscientiousness, integrity, probity 939, uprightness, nobleness, nobility.
  • Merit, worth, worthiness, desert, excellence, credit, self-control, self-conquest, self-government, self- respect.

    Well-doing, good actions, good behaviour, the discharge, fulfilment, or performance of duty; a well-spent life.

    Innocence, see 946.

    (Verbs). To be virtuous, etc.; to act well; to do, fulfil, perform, or discharge one's duty, to acquit oneself, to practise virtue; to command or master one's passions, see 926.

    (Phrases). To have one's heart in the right place; to keep in the right path; to set an example; to be on one's good behaviour.

    (Adjectives). Virtuous, good, meritorious, deserving, worthy, correct, dutiful, duteous, moral, ethical, righteous, right-minded, etc. (see 939), laudable, well-intentioned, praiseworthy, excellent, admirable, sterling, pure, noble, well-conducted, well-behaved.

    Exemplary, matchless, peerless, saintly, saint-like, heaven-born, angelic, seraphic, godlike.

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