(Verbs). To be due, etc., to.

    To have a right to, to be entitled to, to be qualified for, to have a claim upon, a title to, etc.; to deserve, merit, be worthy of, to deserve richly.

    To demand, claim, call upon, exact, insist on, challenge, to come upon one for, to revenditate, make a point of, enforce, put in force, use a right.

    To appertain to, belong to, etc. 777.

    To lay claim to, assert, assume, arrogate, make good, vindicate a claim, etc., to make out a case.

    To give or confer a right; to entitle, authorise, warrant, sanction, sanctify, privilege, enfranchise, license, legalise, ordain, prescribe.

    (Adjectives). Having a right to, a claim to, etc.; due to, entitled to, deserving, meriting, worthy of, claiming, qualified.

    Privileged, allowed, sanctioned, warranted, authorised, permitted, licit, ordained, prescribed, chartered, constitutional, official.

    Prescriptive, presumptive, absolute, indefeasible, unalienable, inalienable, imprescriptible, inviolable, sacred, sacrosanct.

    Condign, merited, deserved.

    Allowable, permissible, lawful, legitimate, legal, legalised 963, proper, square, equitable, unexceptionable, reasonable 922.

    (Adverbs). Ex officio, by divine right, Dei gratia, jure divino.

  1. Absence of right.
  2. Undueness (Substantives), unlawfulness, impropriety, unfitness, illegality 964.

    Falseness, spuriousness, emptiness or invalidity of title, illegitimacy.

    Loss of right, disfranchisement.

    Usurpation, violation, breach, encroachment, stretch, relaxation.

    (Verbs). Not to be due, etc., to; to be undue, etc.

    To infringe, encroach, violate; to stretch or strain a point; to usurp.

    To disfranchise, disentitle, disfrock, unfrock; to disqualify, invalidate, relax.

    To misbecome, misbehave 945.

    (Adjectives). Undue, unlawful, unmerited, undeserved, unearned, unconstitutional.

    Unauthorised, unwarranted, unsanctioned, unjustified, unprivileged, illegitimate, spurious, supposititious, false, usurped, unchartered, unfulfilled, unofficial, unauthorised.

    Unentitled, disentitled, unqualified.

    Undeserved, unmerited, unearned.

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