(Phrases). Above or beyond all praise; mens sibi conscia recti.

    (Adverb). Virtuously, etc.

  • Vice (Substantives), wickedness, sin, iniquity, unrighteousness, demerit, unworthiness, worthlessness, badness.
  • Immorality, incorrectness, impropriety, indecorum, laxity, looseness of morals, want of principle, obliquity, backsliding, gracelessness, infamy, demoralisation, pravity, depravity, depravation, obduracy, hardness of heart, brutality, corruption, pollution, dissoluteness, grossness, baseness, knavery, roguery, rascality, villainy, profligacy, abandonment, flagrancy, atrocity, devilry (or deviltry); cannibalism.

    Criminality, etc., see Guilt 947.

    Infirmity, weakness, feebleness, frailty, imperfection, error, weak side or point, blind side, foible, failing, failure, defect, deficiency, indiscretion, peccability.

    (Phrases). The cloven hoof; the lowest dregs of vice; a sink of iniquity.

    (Verbs). To be vicious, etc.; to sin, commit sin, do amiss, misdo, err, transgress, go astray, misdemean or misconduct oneself, misbehave; to fall, lapse, slip, trip, offend, trespass.

    (Phrases). To deviate from the line of duty, or from the paths of virtue, rectitude, etc.; to hug a sin or fault; to sow one's wild oats.

    (Adjectives1). Vicious, sinful, wicked, evil - minded, immoral, unprincipled, demoralised, unconscionable, worthless, unworthy, good for nothing, graceless, heartless, virtueless, undutiful, unrighteous, unmoral, amoral, bad.

    Wrong, culpable, guilty, naughty, incorrect, indictable, criminal, dissolute, disorderly, raffish, corrupt, profligate, depraved, abandoned, graceless, shameless, recreant, villainous, sunk, lost, obdurate, incorrigible, irreclaimable, ill-conditioned.

    Weak, frail, lax, infirm, imperfect, indiscreet, erring, transgressing, sinning, etc., peccable, peccant.

    Blamable, reprehensible, blameworthy, uncommendable, discreditable, disreputable, shady, exceptionable.

    Indecorous, unseemly, improper, sinister, base, scurvy, foul, gross, vile, black, felonious, nefarious, scandalous, infamous, villainous, heinous, grave, flagrant, flagitious, atrocious, satanic, satanical, diabolic, diabolical, hellish, infernal, stygian, fiendlike, fiendish, devilish, miscreated, misbegotten, hell-born, demoniacal.

    Unpardonable, unforgivable, indefensible, inexcusable, irremissible, inexpiable.

    (Phrases). Contra bonos mores; of a deep dye; not having a word to say for oneself.

    (Adverbs). Wrong, etc.; without excuse, too bad.

  • Innocence (Substantives), guiltlessness, harmlessness, innocuousness, incorruption, impeccability, inerrability, blamelessness, sinlessness.
  • A lamb, a dove.

    (Verb). To be innocent, etc.

    (Phrases). Nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa; mens sibi conscia recti.

    (Adjectives). Innocent, guiltless, faultless, sinless, clear, spotless, stainless, immaculate, unspotted, innocuous, unblemished, untarnished, unsullied, undefiled.

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