Chief, leader, etc. 745, hero, cock of the roost, cock of the walk, man of mark, prima donna.

    A star, sun, constellation, galaxy, lion, paragon 650; honour, ornament, aureole, mirror.

    (Phrases). A halo of glory; a fair name; blushing honours; aura popularis; spolia opima.

    (Verbs). To be conscious of glory, to glory in, to be proud of (see 878), to exult, etc. 884, to be vain of 880.

    To be glorious, distinguished, etc., to shine, to figure, to make or cut a figure, dash, or splash; to rival, outrival, emulate, outvie, eclipse, outshine; to throw into the shade.

    To live, flourish, glitter, flaunt.

    (Phrases). To acquire or gain honour, etc.; to bear the palm; to bear the bell; to take the cake; to win laurels; to make a noise in the world; to go far; to make a sensation; to be all the rage; to have a run; to catch on.

    To confer or reflect honour, etc., on; to honour; to do honour to; to redound to one's honour; fama volat.

    To pay or render honour, etc., to; to honour, lionise, dignify, glorify, ennoble, nobilitate, exalt, enthrone, signalise, immortalise, deify.

    To consecrate, dedicate to, devote to, to enshrine.

    (Phrases). To exalt one's horn; to exalt to the skies.

    (Adjectives). Distinguished, distingué, noted, notable, respectable, reputable, celebrated, famous, famed, far-famed, honoured, renowned, popular; imperishable, immortal, œre perennius, see 112.

    Illustrious, glorious, splendid, bright, brilliant, radiant, fullblown, heroic.

    Eminent, prominent, high, pre-eminent, peerless, signalised, exalted, dedicated, consecrated, enshrined.

    Great, dignified, proud, noble, worshipful, lordly, grand, stately, august, imposing, transcendent, majestic, kingly, queenly, princely, sacred, sublime, commanding.

    (Phrases). Redounding to one's honour; one's name living for ever.

    (Interjections). Hail! all hail! ave! glory be to! honour be to!

  • Disrepute (Substantives), discredit, ingloriousness, derogation, abasement, degradation, odium, notoriety.
  • Dishonour, shame, disgrace, slur, scandal, obloquy, opprobrium, ignominy, baseness, turpitude, vileness, infamy.

    Tarnish, taint, defilement, pollution.

    Stain, blot, spot, blur, stigma, brand, reproach, slur, black mark.

    (Phrases). A burning shame; scandalum magnatum; a badge of infamy; a blot on the scutcheon; a byword of reproach; a bad reputation.

    (Verbs). To be conscious of shame, to feel shame, to blush, to be ashamed, humiliated, humbled, abashed, etc., see 879 and 881.

    (Phrases). To feel disgrace; to take shame to oneself; to hide one's face; to look foolish; to hang one's head; to laugh on the wrong side of the mouth; to go away with a flea in one's ear; not to dare to show one's face; to hide its diminished head.

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