Words Relating to the Sentient and Moral Powers

Section III.—Sympathetic Affections

1°. Social Affections
  1. Friendship (Substantives), amity, amicableness, amicability, friendliness, friendly regard, favour, brotherhood, fraternity, sodality, comradeship, camaraderie, confraternity, fraternisation, harmony, good understanding, concord 714, entente cordiale.
  2. Acquaintance, introduction, intimacy, familiarity, fellowship, welcomeness, favouritism.

    (Verbs). To be friends, to be friendly, etc., to fraternise, sympathise with 897, to be well with, to be thick with, to befriend 707, tutoyer, to be in with, to keep in with.

    To become friendly, to make friends with, to chum up to.

    (Phrases). To take in good part; to hold out the right hand of fellowship.

    (Adjectives). Friendly, amical, amicable, brotherly, fraternal, harmonious, cordial, social, chummy, neighbourly, on good terms, on a friendly, a familiar, or an intimate footing, on friendly, etc., terms, well-affected, well- disposed, favourable.

    Acquainted, familiar, intimate, thick, hand and glove, welcome.

    Firm, staunch, intimate, familiar, bosom, cordial, tried, devoted, lasting, fast, warm, ardent.

    (Adverbs). Friendlily, amicably, etc., sans cérémonie.

  3. Enmity (Substantives), see Hate 898 and Discord 713.
  4. Unfriendliness, alienation, estrangement.

    Animosity, umbrage, pique, hostility, bad blood, ill feeling.

    (Verbs). To be inimical, etc., to estrange, to fall out, alienate.

    (Adjectives). Inimical, unfriendly, at variance, at logger-heads, at daggers drawn, hostile on bad terms, cold-hearted.

  5. Friend (Substantives), well-wisher, amicus curiœ, alter ego, bosom friend, fidus Achates, favourer, see 711.
  6. Persona grata.

    Neighbour, acquaintance, associate, compeer, comrade, companion, confrère, camarade, mate, messmate, shopmate, shipmate, crony, confidant, chum, pal, boon companion, copesmate, pot-companion, schoolfellow, playfellow, playmate, bed-fellow, bed-mate.

    Arcades ambo, Pylades and Orestes, Castor and Pollux, Nisus and Euryalus, Damon and Pythias, David and Jonathan, par nobile fratrum.

    Host, Amphitryon, guest, visitor, protégé.

  7. Enemy (Substantives), foe, opponent (see 710), back-friend.
  8. Sociality (Substantives), sociability, sociableness, companionship, companionableness, consortship, intercommunication, intercommunion, consociation.
  9. Conviviality, good fellowship, hospitality, heartiness, welcome, savoir vivre, festivity, merry-making.

    Society, association, union, co-partnership, fraternity, sodality, coterie, clan, club 72, circle, clique, party, welcomeness.

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