Unvisited, cut, blackballed, uninvited, unwelcome, friendless, deserted, abandoned, lorn, forlorn, homeless, out of it.

    (Phrase). Left to shift for oneself.

  1. Courtesy (Substantives), good manners, good breeding, mannerliness, bienséance, urbanity, civilisation, polish, politeness, civility, amenity, suavity, good temper, easy temper, gentleness, mansuetude, graciousness, affability, obligingness, prévenance, amiability, good humour.
  2. Compliment, fair words, soft words, sweet words, attentions, petits soins, salutation, reception, presentation, introduction, accueil, greeting, welcome, abord, respect, devoir.

    Obeisance, reverence, bow, curtsy, scrape, salaam, kotow, capping, shaking hands, embrace, hug, squeeze, accolade, salute, kiss, buss, kissing hands, presenting arms, kneeling, genuflexion, prostration, obsequiousness.

    Mark of recognition, nod.

    Valediction, see 293.

    (Verbs). To be courteous, civil, etc., to show courtesy, civility, etc., to speak fair; to make oneself agreeable; to unbend, thaw.

    To visit, wait upon, present oneself, pay one's respects, kiss hands.

    To receive, do the honours, greet, welcome, bid welcome, bid God speed; hold or stretch out the hand; shake, press, or squeeze the hand.

    To salute, kiss, smack, embrace, hug, drink to, pledge, hobnob; to move to, nod to, smile upon, bow, curtsy, scrape, uncover, cap, present arms, take off the hat, etc.

    (Phrases). To make a leg; to steal a kiss.

    To pay homage or obeisance, kneel, bend the knee, prostrate oneself, etc.

    To render polite, etc., to polish, civilise, humanise.

    (Adjectives). Courteous, courtly, civil, civilised, polite, well-bred, well-mannered, mannerly, urbane, gentlemanly, ladylike, refined 850, polished, genial.

    Gracious, affable, familiar, well-spoken, fair-spoken, soft-spoken, fine-spoken, oily, bland, mild, obsequious, obliging, open-armed.

    (Phrases). With open or outstretched arms; suaviter in modo; à bras ouverts; with a good grace.

    (Interjections). Hail! welcome! well met! ave! all hail! pax vobiscum!

  3. Discourtesy (Substantives), ill-breeding; ill, bad, or ungainly manners; rusticity, inurbanity, impoliteness, ungraciousness, uncourtliness, insuavity, rudeness, incivility, barbarism, misbehaviour, grossièreté, roughness, ruggedness, brusqueness, brusquerie, bad form.
  4. Bad or ill temper, churlishness, crabbedness, tartness, crossness, peevishness, moroseness, sullenness, sulkiness, grumpiness, acrimony, sternness, austerity, moodiness, asperity, captiousness, sharpness, snappishness, perversity, cussedness, sauciness, irascibility, see 901.

    Sulks, dudgeon, mumps, black looks.

    A bear, brute, blackguard, beast, cross-patch.

    (Verbs). To be rude, etc., frown, scowl, glower, lour, pout; to cut, insult, etc.

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