(Interjections). Woe to! beshrew! ruat cœlum! ill betide! Delenda est Carthago!

  • Threat (Substantives), menace, defiance 715, abuse, minacity, intimidation.
  • (Verbs). To threaten, threat, menace, fulminate, defy, snarl, growl, gnarl, mutter; to intimidate 860.

    (Phrases). To hurl defiance; to throw down the gauntlet; to show one's teeth; to shake the fist at.

    (Adjectives). Threatening, menacing, minatory, comminatory, minacious, abusive, in terrorem.

    (Interjection). Vœ victis!

  • Philanthropy (Substantives), humanity, public spirit.
  • Patriotism, civicism, nationality, nationalism, love of country, amor patriœ, nostalgia; utilitarianism.

    A philanthropist, humanitarian, utilitarian, cosmopolitan, cosmopolite, citizen of the world, patriot, nationalist, amicus humani generis.

    (Adjectives). Philanthropic, utilitarian, patriotic, etc., public-spirited.

    (Phrases). "Humani nihil a me alienum puto"; pro bono publico; pro aris et focis; the greatest happiness of the greatest number.

  • Misanthropy (Substantives), egotism, incivism, moroseness, see. Selfishness 943.
  • A misanthrope, egotist, cynic, man-hater, Timon, Diogenes.

    Woman-hater, misogynist.

    (Adjectives). Misanthropic, selfish, egotistical, morose, unpatriotic.

  • Benefactor (Substantives), saviour, good genius, tutelary saint, guardian angel, good Samaritan.
  • (Phrase). Deliciœ humani generis.

  • Maleficent being.
  • Evil-Doer (Substantives), mischief-maker, marplot, firebrand, incendiary, evil genius 980.

    Frankenstein's monster.

    Savage, brute, ruffian, barbarian, caitiff, desperado, jailbird, hooligan, apache 949.

    Fiend, tiger, hyèna, bloodhound, butcher, blood-sucker, serpent, snake, adder, hell-hound, hag, hell-hag, beldam, Jezebel.

    Monster, demon, imp, devil 980, anthropophagi, Attila, Hun.

    (Phrases). A snake in the grass; a scourge of the human race; worker of iniquity; fœnum habet in cornu.

3°. Special Sympathetic Affections
  • Pity1 (Substantives), compassion, commiseration, sympathy, fellow-feeling, tenderness, yearning.
  • Forbearance, mercy, humanity, clemency, leniency, ruth, long-suffering, quarter.

    (Phrases). The melting mood; coup de grâce; bowels of compassion; argumentum ad misericordiam.

    (Verbs). To pity, commiserate, compassionate, sympathise, feel for, yearn for, console, enter into the feelings of, have pity, etc.; show or have mercy; to forbear, relent, thaw, spare, relax, give quarter.

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