(Phrases). To pay court to; to dance attendance on; to pin oneself upon; to hang on the sleeve of; to lick the shoes of.

    To go with the stream; to worship the rising sun; to hold with the hare and run with the hounds.

    (Adjectives). Servile, subservient, obsequious, sequacious, supple, mean, crouching, cringing, fawning, slavish, grovelling, snivelling, beggarly, sycophantic, parasitical, abject.

    (Adverb). Cap in hand.

  • Blusterer (Substantives), bully, swaggerer, fire-eater, roisterer, puppy, sauce-box, hussy, minx, malapert, jackanapes, jack-in-office, Drawcansir, Captain Bobadil, Sir Lucius O'Trigger, Bombastes Furioso, Hector, Thraso, Bumble.

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