To risk, venture, hazard, stake, incur, or run the risk; bet, wager, gamble, plunge, raffle.

    (Phrases). To buy a pig in a poke; alea jacta est; the die being cast; to go nap on.

    (Adjectives). Casual, fortuitous, accidental, fluky, contingent, random, adventitious, incidental.

    Unintentional, aimless, driftless, undesigned, undirected; purposeless, causeless, without purpose, etc., unmeditated, unpurposed, indiscriminate, promiscuous.

    On the cards, possible 470, at stake.

    (Adverbs). Casually, etc., by chance, by accident, accidentally, etc., at haphazard; heads or tails.

    (Phrases). As luck would have it; without rhyme or reason.

  1. Purpose in action.
  2. Pursuit (Substantives), undertaking, enterprise, emprise, adventure, game, hobby, endeavour.

    Prosecution, search, angling, chase, quest, hunt, shikar, race, battue, drive, course, direction, wild-goose chase, steeplechase.

    Pursuer, huntsman, hunter, shikaree, hound, greyhound, blood-hound, sleuth - hound, beagle, harrier.

    (Verbs). To pursue, undertake, engage in, take in hand, carry on, prosecute 461, endeavour.

    To court, seek, angle, chase, give chase, course, dog, hunt, drive, follow, run after, hound, bid for, aim at, take aim, make a leap at, rush upon, jump at, quest, shadow.

    (Phrases). Take or hold a course; tread a path; shape one's course; direct or bend one's steps or course; run a race; rush headlong; rush head-foremost; make a plunge; snatch at, etc.; start game; follow the scent; to run or ride full tilt at.

    (Adjective). Pursuing, etc.

    (Adverbs). In order to, in order that, for the purpose of, with a view to, etc. 620.

    (Phrases). In full cry; after, on the scent of.

  3. Absence of pursuit.
  4. Avoidance (Substantives), forbearance, abstinence, sparing, refraining.

    Flight, etc., evasion, elusion.

    Motive for avoidance, counter- attraction.

    (Verbs). To avoid, refrain, abstain; to spare, hold, shun, fly, flee, eschew, run away from, shrink, hold back, draw back (see 287), recoil from, flinch, blench, shy, elude, evade, shirk, blink, parry, dodge, let alone.

    (Phrases). To give the slip or go-by; to lead one a dance; to beat a retreat; get out of the way; steer clear of; fight shy of; to take to one's heels.

    (Adjectives). Avoiding, etc., elusive, evasive, flying, unattempted, fugitive, etc., unsought.

    (Adverbs). Lest, with a view to prevent.

    (Phrases). Sauve qui peut; the devil take the hindmost.

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