3°. Interchange of Property
  • Barter (Substantives, exchange, truck, interchange, commutation.
  • Traffic, trade, commerce, dealing, business, custom, negotiation, jobbing, agiotage, bargain, deal, commercial enterprise, speculation, brokery.

    (Phrases). A Roland for an Oliver; a quid pro quo; robbing Peter to pay Paul; a blind bargain; a pig in a poke; taking for better, for worse.

    (Verbs). To barter, exchange, truck, interchange, commute, scorse, traffic, trade, speculate, transact or do business with, deal with, have dealings with; open, or keep an account with; to carry on a trade; to rig the market.

    To bargain; drive, make, or strike a bargain; negotiate, bid for, haggle (or higgle), chaffer, dicker, stickle, cheapen, compound for, beat down, outbid, outbargain, come to terms, do a deal, quote, underquote.

    (Phrase). To give a sprat to catch a herring.

    (Adjectives). Commercial, mercantile, interchangeable, negotiable; wholesale, retail.

  • Purchase (Substantives), emption, buying, purchasing, shopping; pre-emption, bribery, co-emption.
  • A buyer, purchaser, customer, emptor.

    (Verbs). To buy, purchase, procure, hire, rent, farm, pay, fee, repurchase, keep in one's pay; pre-empt, bribe, suborn, square, buy over.

    (Adjective). Purchased, etc.

    (Phrase). Caveat emptor.

  • Sale (Substantives), vent, disposal, custom.
  • Auction, Dutch auction, roup,

    Lease, mortgage.

    Vendibility, salability.

    Dead stock.

    A vendor, seller, etc. 797.

    To sell, vend, dispose of, retail, dispense, auction, auctioneer, hawk, peddle, undersell.

    (Phrases). Put up to sale or auction; bring to the hammer.

    To let, sublet, lease, set, mortgage.

    (Adjectives). Vendible, salable; unpurchased, unbought, on one's hands, unsalable.

  • Merchant (Substantives), trader, dealer, tradesman, buyer and seller, vendor, monger, shopkeeper, shopman, salesman, saleswoman, changer.
  • Retailer, chapman, hawker, huckster, regrater, higgler, pedlar, cadger, sutler, Autolycus, middleman, coster, costermonger; auctioneer, broker, money-broker, bill-broker, jobber, factor, go-between, money- lender.

    House, firm, concern, partnership, company, guild, syndicate.

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