Floating debt, bad debt, floating capital, debentures; deferred payment, hire system.

    A debtor, debitor, lessee, mortgagor; a defaulter 808.

    (Verbs). To be in debt, to owe, to answer for, to incur a debt, see Borrow 788.

    (Phrases). To run up a hill; to go on tick.

    (Adjectives). In debt, indebted, owing, due, unpaid, outstanding, in arrear, being minus, liable, answerable for, insolvent.

    Unrequited, unrewarded.

  • Payment (Substantives), discharge, quittance, acquittance, settlement, clearance, liquidation, satisfaction, remittance, reckoning, arrangement, composition, acknowledgment, release.
  • Repayment, reimbursement, retribution, reward, see 973.

    (Phrase). A quid pro quo.

    Bill, cheque, cash, ready money, etc. 800.

    (Verbs). To pay, defray, discharge, settle, quit, acquit oneself of, account or reckon with, remit, clear, liquidate, release.

    (Phrases). To fork out money; to pay on the nail; to honour a bill; to strike a balance; to settle, balance, or square accounts with; to be even with; to wipe off old scores; to satisfy all demands; to pay in full of all demands; to grease the palm.

    To repay, refund, retribute, reimburse.

    (Adjectives). Paying, etc., paid, owing nothing, out of debt.

  • Non-payment (Substantives), default, defalcation, protest.
  • Insolvency, bankruptcy, repudiation, application of the sponge.

    Waste papers, dishonoured bills, etc.

    A defaulter, a bankrupt, an insolvent debtor, a lame duck.

    (Verbs). Not to pay, to fail, to break, to become insolvent or bankrupt, to default.

    To protest, dishonour, repudiate, nullify.

    (Phrases). To apply the sponge; to pay over the left shoulder.

    (Adjectives). Not paying, in debt, insolvent, bankrupt, gazetted, ruined.

    (Phrases). Being minus, or worse than nothing; deep in debt; plunged, or over head and ears in debt; in the gazette; in Queer Street.

  • Expenditure (Substantives), money going out; out-goings, expenses, disbursement, outlay.
  • Money paid: Pay, payment, fee, hire, wages, perquisites, vails, allowance, stipend, salary, screw, appointments, subsidy, batta, bat-money, shot, scot.

    Remuneration, recompense, reward (see 973), drink-money, pourboire, largess, honorarium, refresher, bribe, douceur, hush-money, extras, commission.

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