Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division II.—Intersocial Volition1

Section III.—Conditional Intersocial Volition
  1. Promise (Substantives), word, troth, plight, parole, word of honour, assurance, vow, oath.
  2. Engagement, insurance, contract 769, obligation; affiance, betrothal, betrothment.

    (Verbs). To promise, give a promise, assure; to give, pass, pledge or plight one's word, honour, credit, faith, etc.; to warrant, guarantee 467; to swear, vow, be sworn; take oath, make oath, kiss the book; to attest, adjure.

    (Phrases). To call heaven to witness; swear by bell, book, and candle.

    To engage; to enter on, make or form an engagement, take upon oneself; to bind, tie, or pledge oneself; to be in for it; to contract an obligation; to be bound; to undertake; to hold out an expectation.

    To answer for, be answerable for, secure, give security 771.

    (Adjectives). Promising, etc., promised, pledged, sworn, etc.; votive.

    (Phrases). Under one's hand and seal; as one's head shall answer for.

    (Interjection). So help me, God!

  3. Release from engagement, see Liberation 750.

    (Adjectives). Absolute, unconditional; uncovenanted, unsecured.

  4. Compact (Substantives), contract, agreement, bargain, deal, pact, paction, stipulation, covenant, settlement, convention, nudum pactum, charter, treaty, indenture, concordat, Zollverein, Pragmatic Sanction, Sonderbund.
  5. Negotiation, transaction, bargaining, haggling, chaffering, bargain by inch of candle; diplomacy.

    Ratification, settlement, signature, endorsement, seal, signet, bond.

    A negotiator, diplomatist, diplomat, agent, contractor, underwriter, attorney, broker, etc. 759.

    (Verbs). To contract, covenant, bargain, agree for, strike a bargain, engage, etc., see Promise 768; to underwrite.

    To treat, negotiate, bargain, stipulate, haggle (or higgle), chaffer, stickle for, insist upon, make a point of, compound for.

    To conclude, close, confirm, ratify, endorse, clench, come to an understanding, take one at one's word, come to terms; to bargain by inch of candle.

    To subscribe, sign, seal, indent, put the seal to, sign and seal.

  6. Conditions (Substantives), terms, articles, articles of agreement, clauses, proviso, provisions, salvo, covenant, stipulation, ultimatum, sine qua non, casus fœderis.
  7. (Verbs). To make it a condition, make terms, etc., to stipulate, insist upon, etc.

    (Adjectives). Conditional, provisional, guarded, fenced, hedged in, etc.

    (Adverbs). Conditionally, with the understanding; provided, unless, see 469.

    (Phrases). Wind and weather permitting; God willing; D.V.; Deo volente.

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