Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division II.—Intersocial Volition1

Section IV.—Possessive Relations1
I°. Property in general
  1. Acquisition (Substantives), obtainment, gaining, earning, procuration, procuring, gathering, gleaning, picking, collecting, recovery, trouvaille, find.
  2. Book-collecting, book-hunting, etc., philately.

    Gain, profit, benefit, emolument, the main chance, pelf, lucre, loaves and fishes, produce, proceeds, return, fruit, crop, harvest, scoop, winnings.

    Inheritance, bequest, legacy.

    Fraudulent acquisition, subreption, stealing 791.

    Profiteering, pot-hunting.

    A collector, book - collector, etc., china-maniac, philatelist; a profiteer, pot-hunter.

    (Verbs). To acquire, get, gain, win, earn, realise, regain, receive 785, take 789, obtain, procure, derive, secure, collect, reap, come in for, step into, inherit, come by, scrape together, get hold of, scoop.

    To profit, make profit, turn to profit, make money by, obtain a return, make a fortune, coin money, profiteer.

    (Phrases). To turn a penny; to bring grist to the mill; to feather one's nest; to reap or gain an advantage; to keep the wolf from the door.

    To be profitable, to pay, to answer.

    To fall to, come to, accrue.

    (Adjectives). Acquisitive, acquiring, acquired, etc., profitable, remunerative, paying.

    (Phrase). On the make.

  3. Loss (Substantives), perdition, forfeiture, lapse.
  4. Privation, bereavement, deprivation 789, dispossession, riddance.

    (Verbs). To lose; incur, experience, or meet with a loss; to miss, mislay, throw away, forfeit, let slip, allow to slip through the fingers; to get rid of 782, to waste 638, 679.

    (Adjectives). Losing, etc., lost, etc.

    Devoid of, not having, unobtained, unpossessed, unblest with.

    Shorn of, deprived of, bereaved of, dispossessed, out of pocket, minus, cut off.

    Irrecoverable, irretrievable, irremediable, irreparable.

    (Interjections). Farewell to! adieu to!

  5. Possession (Substantives), ownership, proprietorship, occupancy, hold, holding, preoccupancy.
  6. Exclusive possession, impropriation, monopoly, inalienability.

    Future possession, heritage, inheritance.

    (Phrases). A bird in the hand; uti possidetis; beati possidentes; the haves and the have-notes.

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