(Adjectives). Commanding, etc., authoritative, peremptory, decretive, decretory, etc., see 737.

    (Adverbs). On the first summons, with a dash of the pen.

    (Phrase). Le roy le veult.

  1. Disobedience (Substantives), non-compliance, insubordination, contumacy, defection, infringement, infraction, violation.
  2. See Defiance 715, Resistance 719, and Non-observance 773.

    Rising, insurrection, revolt, rebellion, turn-out, strike, riot, riotousness, mutinousness, mutiny, tumult, sedition, treason, lèse-majesté.

    An insurgent, mutineer, rebel, rioter, traitor; carbonaro, sansculotte, frondeur; agitator, demagogue, Jack Cade, Wat Tyler, etc.; ringleader.

    (Verbs). To disobey, resist 719, defy 715, turn restive, shirk, kick, strike, mutiny, rise, rebel, lift the hand against, turn out, come out, go on strike.

    (Phrases). To champ the bit; to unfurl the red flag.

    (Adjectives). Disobedient, resisting, unruly, unsubmissive, uncomplying, uncompliant, restive, insubordinate, contumacious, mutinous, riotous, seditious, refractory, naughty.

    Unbidden, unobeyed, a dead letter.

    (Phrase). The grey mare being the better horse.

  3. Obedience (Substantives), submission, non-resistance, passiveness, resignation, cession, compliance, surrender 725, subordination, deference, allegiance, obeisance, homage, fealty, prostration, kneeling, genuflexion, curtsy, kotow, salaam, submissiveness, obsequiousness (see 886), servitorship, subjection 749.
  4. (Verbs). To be obedient, etc.; to obey, submit, succumb, give in, knock under, cringe, yield 725, comply, surrender, follow, give up, give way, resign, bend to, bear obedience to.

    To kneel, fall on one's knees, bend the knee, curtsy, kotow, salaam, bow, pay homage to.

    (Phrases). To kiss the rod; to do one's bidding; to lick the dust; to eat humble - pie; to play second fiddle; draw in one's horns; to take it lying down.

    To attend upon, tend; to be under the orders of, to serve.

    (Phrase). To dance attendance on.

    (Adjectives). Obedient, submissive, resigned, passive, complying, compliant, yielding, biddable, unresisting, henpecked; restrainable, unresisted.

  5. Compulsion (Substantives), coercion, coaction, force, constraint, enforcement, press, corvée, conscription, levy, brute force, main force, the sword, ultimo ratio, argumentum baculinum.
  6. (Verbs). To compel, force, drive, coerce, constrain, enforce, put in force, oblige, force upon, press, conscribe, extort, put down, bind, pin down, bind over, impress, commandeer.

    (Phrases). To cram down the throat; to say it must be done; to make a point of.

    (Adjectives). Compelling, etc., compulsory, compulsatory, forcible, coercive, coactive, peremptory, rigorous, stringent, inexorable, etc. (see 739); being fain to do, having to do.

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