A boaster, braggart, braggadocio, Gascon, fanfaron, puppy, peacock; a pretender, soi-disant.

    (Verbs). To boast, make a boast of, brag, vaunt, puff, flourish, crake, crack, strut, swagger, swank, gas.

    To exult, croak, crow, chuckle, triumph, glory.

    (Phrases). To talk big; se faire valoir; faire claquer son fouet; to blow one's own trumpet.

    (Adjectives). Boasting, vaunting, etc., vainglorious, braggart.

    Elate, elated, flushed, jubilant.

    (Phrases). On stilts; cock-a-hoop.

  • Undue assumption of superiority.
  • Insolence (Substantives), haughtiness, arrogance, imperiousness, contumeliousness, superciliousness, bumptiousness, swagger, swank.

    Impertinence, sauciness, pertness, flippancy, dicacity, petulance, malapertness.

    Assumption, presumption, presumptuousness, forwardness, impudence, assurance, front, face, cheek, lip, side, brass, shamelessness, a hardened front, effrontery, audacity, procacity, self-assertion, nerve.

    (Phrases). The Great Panjandrum himself; a cool hand.

    (Verbs). To be insolent, etc.; to bluster, vapour, swagger, swank, swell, roister, arrogate, assume, bluff.

    To domineer, bully, beard, snub, huff, outface, outlook, outstare, outbrazen, bear down, beat down, trample on, tread under foot, outbrave, hector.

    To presume, take liberties or freedoms.

    (Phrases). To give oneself airs; to lay down the law; to put on side; to ride the high horse; to lord it over; traiter, ou regarder de haut en bas; to ride rough-shod over; to carry with a high hand; to put on side; to carry it off; to brave it out.

    (Adjectives). Insolent, etc.; haughty, arrogant, imperious, dictatorial, high-handed, contumelious, supercilious, uppish, self-assertive, bumptious, overbearing, intolerant, assumptive.

    Flippant, pert, perky, cavalier, saucy, cheeky, forward, impertinent, malapert.

    Blustering, swaggering, swanky, vapouring, bluff, roistering, rollicking, high-flown, assuming, presuming, presumptuous, self-assertive, impudent, free, brazen, brazen-faced, shameless, unblushing, unabashed.

    (Adverbs). Ex cathedra; cock-a-hoop.

  • Servility (Substantives), obsequiousness, suppleness, fawning, slavishness, abjectness, prostration, prosternation, genuflexion, etc. 990, abasement.
  • Fawning, mealy-mouthedness, sycophancy, see Flattery 833 and Humility 879.

    A sycophant, parasite, toadeater, toady, spaniel, lickspittle, hanger - on, tuft - hunter, time - server, reptile, cur 941.

    (Verbs). To cringe, bow, stoop, kneel, fall on one's knees, etc.

    To sneak, crawl, crouch, truckle to, grovel, fawn.

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