• Defence (Substantives), self-defence, self-preservation, protection, ward, guard, guardianship, shielding, etc., see Resistance 718, and Safety 664.
  • Fence, wall, parapet, dike, etc. 232, boom, picket, mound, mole, outwork, trench, entrenchment, fortification, embankment, bulwark, barbican, battlement, stockade, laager, zareba, abattis, casemate, muniment, vallum, circumvallation, contravallation, sunk fence, ha - ha, buttress, abutment, breastwork, hornwork, portcullis, glacis, bastion, redoubt, rampart.

    Hold, stronghold, keep, donjon, palladium, fort, fortress, blockhouse, sconce, citadel, tower, castle, capitol, fastness, barracoon, asylum 666.

    Anchor, sheet-anchor.

    Shield, buckler, ègis, breast-plate, coat of mail, cuirass, hauberk, habergeon, chevaux de frise, screen, etc. 666, helmet, casque, shako, bearskin, gas-mask, panoply; fender, cow-catcher, buffer.

    Defender, protector, guardian (see 664), champion, protagonist, knight-errant.

    (Verbs). To defend, shield, fend, fence, entrench, guard 664, keep off, keep at bay, ward off, beat off, parry, repel, bear the brunt of, put to flight.

    (Phrases). To fall back upon; to act on the defensive; to maintain one's ground; to stand in the gap; to put on the gloves.

    (Adjectives). Defending, etc., defensive, defended, etc., armed.

    (Phrases). Armed cap-à-pie; armed to the teeth.

    (Adverbs). Defensively, on the defence, on the defensive, at bay.

    (Phrase). Pro aris et focis.

  • Retaliation (Substantives), reprisal, retort, counter-stroke, reciprocation, tu quoque, recrimination, retribution, counterplot, counterproject, counter-blast, lex talionis, see Revenge 919 and Compensation 30.
  • (Phrases). Tit for tat; a Roland for an Oliver; diamond cut diamond; the biter bit; catching a Tartar; suo sibi gladio jugulo; hoist with his own petard.

    (Verbs). To retaliate, retort, recriminate, counter, be even with one, pay off.

    (Phrases). To turn the tables; to return the compliment; to pay in one's own coin; to give a quid pro quo; to give a Roland for an Oliver.

    (Adjectives). Retaliating, retaliatory, retaliative, recriminatory, recriminative.

    (Adverbs). In retaliation, en revanche; tu quoque; mutato nomine, de te fabula narratur; par pari refero.

  • Resistance (Substantives), stand, oppugnation, reluctation, front, repulse, rebuff, kicking, etc., see Disobedience 742, recalcitration.
  • Strike, meeting, tumult, riot, pronunciamento, émeute, mutiny.

    Revolt, rising, insurrection, rebellion, levée en masse, Jacquerie.

    (Verbs). To resist, not to submit, etc., to withstand, stand against, stand firm, make a stand, repugn, confront, face down.

    (Phrases). To present a front; to show a bold front; to make head against; to stand one's ground; to stand the brunt of; to keep at bay; to stem the torrent; to champ the bit; to sell one's life dearly.

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