(Adverbs). By force, perforce, under compulsion, etc., vi et armis, by main force, by brute force, in spite of one's teeth, bon gré, mal gré; willy-nilly; nolens volens; de rigueur.

  1. Master (Substantives), lord, laird, chief, leader, captain, protagonist, coryphèus, head, chieftain, commander, commandant, director 694, ruler, potentate, dictator, liege, sovereign, monarch, autocrat, despot, tyrant, demagogue, ringleader, boss, fugleman.
  2. Crowned head: emperor, king, majesty, tetrarch, imperator, protector, president, stadtholder, gubernator; empress, queen.

    Cèsar, czar, sultan, soldan, caliph, sophi, khan, cacique, shah, Khedive, pasha (or bashaw), dey, cham, judge, aga, voivode, hospodar, mikado, exarch.

    Prince, seignior, highness, archduke, duke, margrave, landgrave, elector, doge, satrap, rajah, maharajah, emir, bey, effendi, nizam, nawaub, mandarin, beglerbeg, sirdar, ameer, sachem, sagamore.

    Princess, duchess, infanta, margravine, etc.

    Nobility, see 875.

    Military authorities, marshal, field-marshal, maréchal, generalissimo, commander - in - chief, admiral, commodore, general, colonel, lieutenant-colonel, officer, captain, major, lieutenant, adjutant, aide-de- camp, ensign, cornet, cadet, subaltern, non-commissioned officer, serjeant, corporal, centurion, seraskier, hetman, subahdar, condottiere.

    Civil authorities, mayor, prefect, chancellor, provost, magistrate, palatine, syndic, alcade (or alcayde), burgomaster, corregidor, sheik, seneschal, burgrave, alderman, warden, constable 965, beadle, alguazil, kavass, tribune, consul, èdile.

    Statesman, politician, statist, legislator, lawgiver.

    President, chairman, speaker, moderator, vice-president, comptroller, director 694.

  3. Servant (Substantives), servitor, employé (or employee), attaché, secretary, subordinate, subaltern, retainer, vassal, protégé, dependent, hanger-on, pensioner, client, emissary.
  4. Retinue, cortège, staff, court, entourage, clientele, suite.

    An attendant, squire, henchman, led captain, chamberlain, follower, usher, page, donzel, train-bearer, domestic, butler, footman, lackey, flunkey, valet, waiter, garçon, equerry, groom, jockey, tiger, buttons, livery servant, hireling, mercenary, underling, menial, under-strapper, journeyman, whipper-in, bailiff, castellan, seneschal, major-domo, cup-bearer, bottle-washer.

    Serf, slave, galley-slave, thrall, helot, bondsman, âme damnée, adscriptus glebè, wage-slave.

    A maid, handmaid, abigail, chamber-maid, lady's maid, fille de chambre, parlour-maid, house-maid, nurse, bonne, scullion, etc.

    Badge of slavery, bonds, chains, etc., see 752.

    (Verbs). To serve, attend upon, dance attendance, wait upon, squire, valet.

    (Adverbs). In one's pay or employ, in the train of.

  5. Ensign, or badge of authority.
  6. Sceptre (Substantives), regalia, crown, coronet, rod of empire, mace, fasces, wand, baton, truncheon, staff, key, portfolio.

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