• Concord (Substantives), accord, agreement 23, unison, unity, union, good understanding, quiet, peace, unanimity 488, harmony, amity, entente cordiale, rapprochement, alliance.
  • (Phrases). The bonds of harmony; a happy family; a happy band of brothers.

    (Verbs). To agree, accord, be in unison, etc., to harmonise with, fraternise, stand in with.

    (Phrases). To understand one another; to see eye to eye with; to hit it off together; to remain at peace; to keep the peace; to sing in chorus; to pull together.

    (Adjectives). Concordant, agreeing, etc., united, in unison, etc., harmonious, allied, cemented, friendly, amicable, fraternal, at peace, peaceful, pacific, tranquil.

    (Phrases). In still water; at one with; with one voice.

  • Defiance (Substantives), challenge, cartel, daring, war-whoop.
  • (Verbs). To defy, challenge, dare, brave, beard, bluster, look big.

    (Phrases). To set at naught; snap the fingers at; to bid defiance to; to set at defiance; to hurl defiance at; to double the fist; to stand akimbo; to show a bold front; to brave it out; to show fight; to throw down the gauntlet or glove; to call out.

    (Adjective). Defying, etc.

    (Adverbs). In defiance of; with arms akimbo.

    (Interjections). Come on! marry come up!

    (Phrase). Nemo me impune lacessit.

  • Attack (Substantives), aggression, offence, assault, charge, onset, onslaught, battue, brunt, thrust, pass, passado, cut, sally, inroad, invasion, irruption, sortie, camisade, storm, storming, boarding, escalade, foray, raid, Jacquerie, razzia, dragonnade (see 619); siege, investment.
  • Fire, volley, cannonade, barrage, broadside, bombardment, raking fire, platoon-fire, fusillade.

    Kick, buffet, etc. 276, a run at, a dead set at, carte and tierce, a backhander.

    An assailant, aggressor.

    (Verbs). To attack, assault, assail, go for, fall upon, close with, charge, bear down upon, set on, have at, strike at, run at, make a run at, butt, tilt at, poke at, make a pass at, thrust at, cut and thrust, pitch into, kick, buffet, bonnet, beat (see 972), lay about one, lift a hand against, come on, have a fling at, slap on the face, pelt, throw stones, etc., to round on.

    (Phrases). To shoot at; fire at; fire upon; pop at; let off a gun; shoot; let fly at; open fire; pepper; bombard; pour a broadside into; fire a volley.

    To beset, besiege, lay siege to, invest, beleaguer, open the trenches, invade, raid, storm, board, scale the walls.

    To press one hard, be hard upon, drive one hard.

    (Phrases). To take the bull by the horns; to run amuck; take the offensive; assume the aggressive; make a dead set at.

    (Adjectives). Attacking, etc., aggressive, offensive, up in arms.

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