Words Relating to the Voluntary Powers

Division II.—Intersocial Volition1

Section II.—Special Intersocial Volition
  1. Permission (Substantives), leave, allowance, sufferance, tolerance, toleration, liberty, law, licence, concession, grant, vouchsafement, authorisation, accordance, admission, favour, dispensation, exemption, connivance.
  2. A permit, warrant, brevet, precept, authority, firman, pass, passport, furlough, ticket, licence, congé d'élire, carte-blanche, exeat.

    (Verbs). To permit; give leave or permission; to let, allow, admit, suffer, tolerate, concede, accord, vouchsafe, humour, indulge, to leave it to one; to leave alone; to grant, empower, authorise, warrant, license; to give licence; to give a loose to.

    (Phrases). To give carte - blanche; to give one rope; to give a horse his head; to stretch a point; leave the door open; to let one have a chance; to give one a fair show.

    To let off, absolve, dispense with, favour, wink, connive at.

    To take a liberty; to use a freedom; to beg leave.

    (Adjectives). Permitting, etc., permissive, conceding, etc.

    Unforbid, unforbidden, unconditional.

  3. Prohibition (Substantives), inhibition, veto, disallowance, interdiction, hindrance 706, restriction, restraints 751, embargo, an interdict, ban, taboo, proscription; index librorum prohibitorum.
  4. (Verbs). To prohibit, forbid, inhibit, disallow, bar, debar, interdict, veto, keep in, hinder, restrain 751, restrict, withhold, limit, circumscribe, keep within bounds.

    To exclude, shut out, proscribe.

    (Phrase). To clip the wings of.

    (Adjectives). Prohibitive, restrictive, exclusive, prohibitory, forbidding, etc.

    Not permitted, prohibited, etc., unlicensed, etc.

    (Phrases). Under the ban of; on the Index.

    (Interjections). Hands off! keep off!

  5. Consent (Substantives), compliance, acquiescence, assent 488, agreement, concession, yieldingness, acknowledgment, acceptance.
  6. Settlement, ratification, confirmation.

    (Verbs). To consent, give consent, assent, comply with, acquiesce, agree to, accede, accept.

    (Phrase). To take at one's word.

    To concede, yield, satisfy, grant, settle, acknowledge, confirm, homologate, ratify, deign, vouchsafe.

    (Adjectives). Consenting, etc., having no objection, unconditional, see Assent 488.

    (Adverbs). Yes 488; if you please, as you please, by all means, by all manner of means, so be it, of course, certainly, etc.

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