from pillar to post; things being come to a pretty pass; at a pinch; between two stools; in the wrong box; in a fix; in a hole.

    (Adverbs). With difficulty, hardly, etc., against the stream, against the grain, uphill.

  1. Facility (Substantives), practicability, feasibility, practicableness, see Possibility 470.
  2. Ease, easiness, child's play, smoothness, tractability, tractableness, ductility, flexibility, malleability, capability, disentanglement, freedom, advantage, vantage-ground.

    (Phrases). Plain sailing; smooth water; smooth sailing; fair wind; full play or swing; a clear coast; a holiday task; a royal road; a walk-over; a soft job.

    (Verbs). To be easy, etc., to flow, swim, or drift with the tide or stream; to do with ease, to throw off.

    (Phrases). To have it all one's own way; to walk over the course; to go with the stream.

    To render easy, etc., to facilitate, popularise, smooth, ease, lighten, free, clear, disencumber, deobstruct, disembarrass, clear the way, smooth the way, disentangle, unclog, disengage, extricate, unravel, disburden, exonerate, emancipate, free from; to lubricate, etc. 332.

    (Phrases). To leave a hole to creep out of; to bridge over; to grease the wheels.

    (Adjectives). Easy, facile, attainable, handy, practicable, feasible, achievable, performable, possible 470, superable, surmountable, accessible, comeatable, get-at-able.

    (Phrases). The coast being clear; as easy as lying.

    Easily managed or accomplished, etc., tractable, manageable, smooth, glib, pliant, yielding, malleable, ductile, flexible, plastic, submissive.

    At ease, free, light, easy, unburdened, unencumbered, unloaded, disburdened, disencumbered, disembarrassed, exonerated, unrestrained, unobstructed, unimpeded, untrammelled, at home.

    (Phrases). Quite at home; in one's element; in smooth water; on velvet.

    (Adverb). Easily, etc.

2°. Active Antagonism
  • Hindrance (Substantives), prevention, preclusion, impedance, retardment, retardation.
  • Obstruction, stoppage, interruption, interclusion, oppilation, restraint, inhibition, embargo, blockade, embarrassment.

    Interference, interposition, obtrusion, discouragement, chill.

    An impediment, hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, bunker, hazard, let, stumbling - block, check, impasse, countercheck, set-back, hitch, bar, barrier, barrage, barricade, turnpike, wall, dead wall, bulkhead, portcullis, etc. 717, dam, weir, boom, turnstile, tourniquet.

    Drawback, objection.

    An encumbrance, impedimenta, onus, clog, drag, weight, dead weight, lumber, top-hamper, pack, millstone, incubus, nightmare, Ephialtes; trammel, etc. 752, set-back.

    (Phrases). A spoke in the wheel; a wet blanket; the old man of the sea; damnosa hereditas.

    A hinderer, a marplot; a killjoy, an interloper; an opponent 710.

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