Friendly, amicable, favourable, propitious.

    (Adverbs). On or in behalf of; in the service of; under the auspices of; hand in hand.

    (Interjections). Help! save us!

  • Opposition (Substantives), antagonism, counteraction 179, contravention, control, clashing, collision, competition, rivalry, emulation.
  • Absence of aid, etc., counter-plot 718.

    (Phrase). A head-wind.

    (Verbs). To oppose, antagonise, cross, counteract, control, contravene, countervail, counter-work, stultify, thwart, counter, countermine, run counter, go against, collide with, clash, rival, emulate, put against, militate against, beat against, stem, breast, encounter, compete with, withstand, to face, face down.

    (Phrases). To set one's face against; to make a stand against; to stand out against; to fly in the face of; to fall foul of; to come into collision with; to be or to play at cross-purposes; to kick against the pricks; to buffet the waves; to cut one another's throats; to join issue.

    (Adjectives). Opposing, etc., adverse, antagonistic, opposed, conflicting, contrary, unfavourable, cross; up in arms.

    Unaided, unassisted, unhelped, unsustained, unseconded, etc., unsupported, unbefriended.

    (Adverbs). Against, versus, counter to, against the stream, tide, wind, etc., in the way of, in spite of, in despite of, in the teeth of, in the face of, per contra; single-handed.

    Across, athwart, overthwart.

    Though, although 179, even, quand même, all the same.

    (Phrases). In spite of one's teeth; with the wind in one's teeth; off one's own bat; on one's lonesome.

  • Co-operation (Substantives), coadjuvancy, collaboration, concert, collusion, complicity, co-efficiency, see Concurrence 178.
  • Alliance, colleagueship, joint-stock, co-partnership, coalition, amalgamation, federation, confederation 712.

    (Phrases). A helping hand; a long pull.

    (Verbs). To co-operate, concur, conspire, concert, collaborate, draw or pull together, to join with, collude, unite one's efforts, club together, fraternise, be in league, etc., with, be a party to, to side with.

    (Phrases). To understand one another; to be in the same boat; to play into the hands of; to hunt in couples; to hit it off together; to play booty.

    (Adjectives). Co-operating, etc., co-operative, co-operant, in co-operation, etc., in concert, allied, etc.

    (Phrase). Wind and weather permitting.

    Unopposed, unobstructed, unimpeded.

    (Adverbs). As one man, see Unanimity 488.

  • Opponent (Substantives), antagonist, adversary, adverse party, rival, competitor, back-friend, enemy, foe 891, assailant; malcontent.

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