(Verbs). To hinder, impede, prevent, preclude, retard, slacken, obviate, forefend, avert, turn aside, ward off, draw off, cut off, counteract, undermine.

    To obstruct, stop, stay, let, make against, bar, debar, inhibit, cramp, restrain, check, set back, discourage, discountenance, foreclose.

    (Phrases). To lay under restraint; to tie the hands; to keep in swaddling-bands.

    To thwart, traverse, contravene, interrupt, intercept, interclude, frustrate, defeat, disconcert, baffle, undo, intercept; to balk, cushion, stymie, spoil, mar.

    To interpose, interfere, intermeddle, obtrude 682.

    (Phrases). To stand in the way of; to break in upon; to run or fall foul of.

    To hamper, clog, cumber, encumber, saddle with, load with, overload, overlay, lumber, block up, incommode, hustle; to curb, shackle, fetter; to embog.

    (Phrases). To put a spoke in the wheel; to clog the wheel; to throw cold water on; to nip in the bud; to apply the closure.

    (Adjectives). Hindering, etc., in the way of, impedimental, inimical, unfavourable, onerous, burdensome, cumbrous, obstructive.

    Hindered, etc., wind-bound, water-logged, heavy-laden.

    Unassisted, unaided, unhelped, unsupported, single-handed, unbefriended.

    (Phrase). Prevention being better than cure.

  • Aid (Substantives), assistance, help, succour, support, relief, advance, furtherance, promotion.
  • Coadjuvancy, patronage, auspices, championship, countenance, favour, helpfulness.

    Sustentation, alimentation, nutrition, nourishment; ministration, ministry, accommodation.

    Supplies, reinforcements, succours, contingents, recruits; physical support, see 215.

    (Verbs). To aid, assist, help, succour, support, subscribe to, finance, promote, further, abet, advance, foster; to give, bring, furnish, afford or supply support, etc., to reinforce, nourish, nurture, suckle, dry- nurse.

    To favour, countenance, be-friend, smile upon, encourage, patronise, make interest for.

    To second, stand by, back, back up, take part with, side with, to come or pass over to, to join, to rally round, play up to.

    (Phrases). To take the part of; consult the wishes of; to take up the cause of; to espouse the cause of; to enlist under the banners of; to join hand in hand; to lend or bear a hand; to hold out a helping hand; to give one a lift; to do one a good turn; to see one through; to take in tow; to beat up for recruits; pay the piper; help a lame dog over the stile; give a leg-up.

    To serve, do service, minister to, oblige, accommodate, work for, administer to, pander to; to tend, attend, take care of, wait on, nurse, dry-nurse, entertain.

    To speed, expedite, forward, quicken, hasten, set forward.

    (Adjectives). Aiding, helping, assisting, etc., auxiliary, adjuvant, ancillary, accessory, subsidiary, helpful.

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