Escape 671, deliverance 672, redemption, extrication, absolution 970.

    Licence, toleration; parole, ticket of leave.

    (Verbs). To gain, obtain, acquire, etc., one's liberty, freedom, etc., to get off, get clear, to deliver oneself from, to cast off trammels.

    To break loose, escape, slip away, make one's escape, cut and run, slip the collar, bolt, etc. 671.

    (Phrases). To shake off the yoke; tear asunder one's bonds; break prison.

    To liberate, free, set free, set at liberty, release, loose, let loose, loosen, relax, unloose, untie, unbind, unhand, unchain, unshackle, unfetter, unclog, disengage, unharness, etc., see 44.

    To enlarge, set clear, let go, let out, disenchain, disimprison, unbar, unbolt, uncage, unclose, uncork, discharge, disenthral, dismiss, deliver, extricate, let slip, enfranchise, affranchise, manumit, denizen, emancipate, assoil 748.

    To clear, acquit, redeem, ransom, get off.

    (Phrases). To give one one's head; to let one paddle one's own canoe; to send to the rightabout.

    (Adjectives). Liberated, freed, etc.

  1. Restraint (Substantives), constraint, coercion, discipline.
  2. Confinement, durance, duress, detention, imprisonment, incarceration, prisonment, internment, quarantine, coarctation, entombment, "durance vile," limbo, captivity, penal servitude.

    Arrest, arrestation, custody, keep, care, charge, ward.

    Curb, etc. 752; lettre de cachet.

    (Verbs). To be under restraint or arrest, to be coerced, etc.

    To restrain, constrain, coerce, curb, cramp, keep under, enthral, put under restraint, detain, debar; to chain, enchain, fasten, tie up 43, picket, fetter, shackle, trammel, bridle, muzzle, gag, pinion, pin down, tether.

    To confine, shut up, shut in, clap up, lock up, cage, encage, impound, pen, coop, hem in, jam in, enclose, mew, wall in, rail in, cloister, bolt in, close the door upon, imprison, incarcerate, immure, entomb, seclude, corral.

    (Phrases). To put in irons; to put in a strait-waistcoat; to put into bilboes.

    To take charge of, lead captive, send or commit to prison, give in charge, or in custody, arrest, commit, run in, lag; re-commit, remand.

    (Adjectives). Restrained, coerced, etc., buttoned up, pent up.

    Coactive, stiff, restringent, strait-laced.

    (Phrases). In limbo; in Lob's pound; laid by the heels; "cabined, cribbed, confined"; in quod; in durance vile; bound hand and foot.

  3. Means of restraint.

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