• Warning (Substantives), caution, caveat, notice, premonition, premonishment, lesson, dehortation, admonition 864; alarm 669.
  • Beacon, light-house, pharos, watch-tower, signal-post, guide-post, etc., see 550.

    Sentinel, sentry, watch, watchman, patrol, vedette, etc. 664.

    (Phrases). The writing on the wall; the yellow flag; a red light.

    (Verbs). To warm, caution, forewarn, premonish, give notice, give warning, admonish, dehort, threaten, menace 909.

    (Phrases). To put on one's guard; to sound the alarm.

    To take warning; to beware; to be on one's guard 864.

    (Adjectives). Warning, etc., premonitory, dehortatory.

    Warned, etc., careful, on one's guard 459.

    (Interjections). Beware! mind what you are about! let sleeping dogs lie! fœnum habet in cornu! fore!

  • Indication of danger.
  • Alarm (Substantives), alerte, alarm, alarm-bell, tocsin, tattoo, signal of distress, blue lights, etc., warning voice; Cassandra.

    False alarm, cry of wolf, bugbear, bugaboo, bogy.

    (Verbs). To give, raise, or sound an alarm, to alarm, warn, ring the tocsin, battre la générale, to cry wolf.

    (Adjectives). Alarming, etc., threatening.

  • Preservation (Substantives), conservation, maintenance, support, upkeep, sustentation, deliverance, salvation, rescue, redemption, self-preservation, see Permanence 142, Continuance 143.
  • Means of preservation: prophylaxis, preservative, preserver, superstitious remedies, see 993.

    (Verbs). To preserve, maintain, support, save, rescue, file (papers).

    To embalm, mummify, dry, cure, kipper, salt, pickle, marinade, season, kyanise, bottle, pot, can, tin.

    (Phrases). Stare super antiquas vias; nolumus leges Angliœ mutare.

    (Adjectives). Preserving, conservative, prophylactic, preservatory, hygienic.

    Preserved, unimpaired, uninjured, unhurt, unsinged, unmarred.

  • Escape (Substantives), scape, evasion, retreat, reprieve, reprieval, deliverance, redemption, rescue.
  • Narrow escape, hair's-breadth 'scape, close shave, échappée belle.

    Means of escape: bridge, drawbridge, loophole, ladder, plank, stepping-stone, trap-door, etc. 666.

    (Verbs). To escape, scape, elude, evade, wriggle out of, make or effect one's escape, make off, march off, pack off, skip, skip off, slip away, steal away, slink away, flit, decamp, run away, abscond, levant, skedaddle, fly, flee, bolt, bunk, vamose, elope, whip off, break loose, break away, get clear.

    (Phrases). To take oneself off; play truant; to beat a retreat; to give one the slip; to slip the collar; to slip through the fingers; to make oneself scarce; to hop the twig; to take to one's heels; to show a clean pair of

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