(Phrases). A blind bargain; a wild-cat scheme.

    A desperado, rashling, bravo, dare-devil, enfant perdu, Hotspur, Don Quixote, knight-errant, Icarus.

    (Verbs). To be rash, incautious, etc.

    (Phrases). To buy a pig in a poke; to go on a forlorn hope; to go at it bald-headed; to rush on destruction.

    (Adjectives). Rash, temerarious, headstrong, insane, fool-hardy, slapdash, dare-devil, over-bold, reckless, desperate, hot-headed, hare-brained, headlong, hot-brained, over-confident, precipitate, Quixotic.

    Imprudent, indiscreet, uncalculating, incautious, improvident.

    (Phrases). Without ballast; tête baissée; post-haste; neck or nothing; head-foremost; head-first; à corps perdu.

    (Interjections). Vogue la galère! come what may!

  • Caution (Substantives), cautiousness, discretion, prudence, reserve, wariness, cautel, heed, circumspection, calculation, deliberation, see 459.
  • Coolness, self-possession, presence of mind, sang-froid, self-command, steadiness, the Fabian policy.

    (Phrases). "The better part of valour"; a safe man.

    (Verbs). To be cautious, etc., to take care, to have a care, take heed, to be on one's guard, to look about one, to take no chances.

    (Phrases). To look before one leaps; let sleeping dogs lie; to see which way the wind blows; to have one's wits about one.

    (Adjectives). Cautious, wary, careful, heedful, cautelous, chary, circumspect, prudent, prudential, reserved, discreet, non-committal.

    Unenterprising, unadventurous, cool, steady, self-possessed.

  • Desire (Substantives), wish, mind.
  • Inclination, leaning, bent, fancy, partiality, penchant, predilection, liking, love, fondness, relish, keenness.

    Want, need, exigency.

    Longing, hankering, solicitude, anxiety, yearning, coveting, aspiration, ambition, over-anxiety.

    Appetite, appetence, appetency, the edge of appetite, keenness, hunger, stomach, thirst, thirstiness, mouth-watering, itch, prurience, lickerishness, cacoethes, cupidity, lust, concupiscence, greed.

    Avidity, greediness, covetousness, craving, voracity, canine appetite, bulimia, rapacity.

    Passion, rage, furore, mania, inextinguishable desire, vaulting ambition, impetuosity.

    A gourmand, gourmet, glutton, cormorant, see 957.

    An amateur, votary, devotee, aspirant, solicitant, candidate.

    Object of desire: desideratum, attraction, allurement, fancy, temptation, magnet, whim, whimsy 608, maggot, hobby, hobby-horse, prestige.

    (Phrases). The height of one's ambition; hoc erat in votis; the wish being father to the thought; sua cuique voluptas.

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