Awake, watchful, on the watch 459, broad awake, wide awake, agape, intent on, with eyes fixed on, open-eyed, unwinking, undistracted, with bated breath, breathless, upon the stretch.

    (Interjections). Nota bene! see! look! mark! lo! behold!

  1. Inattention (Substantives), inconsideration, inconsiderateness, inadvertence, inadvertency, non-observance, inobservance, disregard, unmindfulness, giddiness, respectlessness, thoughtlessness, see Neglect 460, insouciance, wandering, distracted, etc., attention.
  2. Absence of mind, abstraction, preoccupation, distraction, reverie, brown study, day-dream, day-dreaming, wool-gathering.

    (Phrases). The wits going wool - gathering; the attention wandering.

    (Verbs). To be inattentive, etc., to overlook, disregard, pass by, slur over, pass over, gloss over, blink, miss, skim, skim the surface, effleurer 460.

    (Phrases). To take no account of; to come in at one ear and go out of the other; to reckon without one's host.

    To call off, draw off, call away, divert, etc., the attention; to distract; to disconcert, put out, discompose, confuse, perplex, bewilder, bemuse, moither, bemuddle, muddle, dazzle, obfuscate, flummox, befog.

    (Adjectives). Inattentive, mindless, unobservant, unmindful, uninterested, inadvertent, heedless, regardless, respectless, careless (see 460), insouciant, unwatchful, listless, cursory, blind, deaf, etc.

    Absent, abstracted, distrait, absent-minded, lost, preoccupied, dreamy, moony, napping.

    (Phrase). Caught napping.

    Disconcerted, put out, etc., dizzy, muzzy, see 460.

    (Adverbs). Inattentively, etc., cavalierly.

  3. Care (Substantives), caution, heed, heedfulness, wariness, prudence, discretion, watch, watchfulness, vigil, vigilance, circumspection, watch and ward, deliberation, forethought, predeliberation, solicitude, precaution 673, scruple, scrupulousness, scrupulosity, particularity, surveillance.
  4. (Phrases). The eyes of Argus; l'œil du maître.

    (Verbs). To be careful, etc., to take care, have a care, look to it, heed, take heed, provide for, see to, see after, keep watch, keep watch and ward, look sharp, look about one, set watch, take precautions, see about.

    (Phrases). To have all one's eyes about one; to mind one's P's and Q's; to speak by the card; to pick one's steps; keep a sharp look out; keep one's weather eye open.

    (Adjectives). Careful, cautious, heedful, wary, guarded, on one's guard, on the alert, on the watch, watchful, on the look out, aux aguets, awake, vigilant, circumspect, broad awake, having the eyes open, Argus- eyed.

    (Phrases). On the qui vive.

    Discreet, prudent, sure-footed, provident, scrupulous, particular, meticulous.

    (Adverbs). Carefully, etc., with care, etc., gingerly, considerately.

    (Phrases). Let sleeping dogs lie; catching a weasel asleep.

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