(Adjectives). Deviating, etc., aberrant, discursive, devious. desultory, erratic, vagrant, stray, undirected, circuitous, roundabout, crab-like.

    (Adverbs). Astray from, round about.

    (Phrases). To the right-about; all manner of ways; knight-like (chess).

  • Going before.
  • Precession (Substantives), leading, heading.

    Precedence in order 62.

    (Verbs). To precede, lead, head, go ahead.

    (Phrases). Go in the van; take the lead; lead the way; have the start; to get before; steal a march.

    (Adjectives). Preceding, leading, etc.

    (Adverbs). In advance, before 62, in the van, ahead.

  • Going after.
  • Sequence (Substantives), following, pursuit, chase, hunt.

    A follower, pursuer, attendant, shadow, satellite, duenna.

    Sequence in order 63.

    (Verbs). To follow, pursue, chase, hunt, hound, shadow.

    (Phrases). Go in the rear, or in the wake of; tread in the steps of; tread on the heels of; go after; fly after; to follow as a shadow; to lag behind; to bring up the rear; to fall behind; to tail off.

    (Adjectives). Following, etc., in the wake of, in the rear of, on the heels of.

    (Adverbs). Behind, in the rear, etc., see 63.

  • Motion forwards.
  • Progression (Substantives), advance, progress 658, 682, ongoing, progressiveness, progressive motion, flood-tide, headway, advancing, etc., pursuit, steeplechase, see 622.

    (Verbs). To advance, proceed, progress, go, move, bend or pass forward, go on, move on, pass on, get on, get along, jog on, push on, go one's way, go ahead, make head, make way, make headway, work one's way, press forward, edge forward, get over the ground, gain ground, make progress, keep or hold on one's course, keep up with, get forward, distance.

    (Phrases). To make up leeway; to go with the stream; to make rapid strides; to push or elbow one's way; to go full tilt at.

    (Adjectives). Advancing, etc., progressive, go-ahead, profluent, undeviating.

    (Adverbs). Forward, onward, forth, on, in advance, ahead, under way, straightforward.

    (Phrase). Vestigia nulla retrorsum.

  • Motion backwards.

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