(Adjectives). Derisory, scurrilous, burlesque, Hudibrastic.

  • Object and cause of ridicule.
  • Laughing-stock (Substantives), jesting-stock, gazing-stock, butt, target, quiz, square-toes, queer fish; an original, oddity, card, crank, eccentric, monkey, buffoon, jester 844, mime, mimer, etc. 599, scaramouch, punch, punchinello, mountebank, golliwog.

    (Phrase). A figure of fun.

3°. Prospective Affections
  • Hope (Substantives), trust, confidence, reliance, faith, assurance, credit, security, expectation, affiance, promise, assumption, presumption.
  • Hopefulness, reassurance, millennium, optimism, enthusiasm, etc.; Utopia.

    (Phrases). Castles in the air, in Spain; châteaux en Espagne.

    Anchor, mainstay, sheet-anchor, staff, etc., see Support 215.

    (Phrases). A ray, gleam, or flash of hope.

    (Verbs). To hope; to feel, entertain, harbour, cherish, feed, nourish, encourage, foster, etc., hope or confidence; to promise oneself.

    To trust, confide, rely on, build upon, feel or rest assured, confident, secure, etc.; to flatter oneself, expect, presume, be reassured.

    (Phrases). To see land; to live in hopes; to look on the bright side of; voir en couleur de rose; to pin one's hope or faith upon; to lay the flattering unction to one's soul; to catch at a straw; to hope against hope.

    To give, or inspire hope; to augur well, shape well, bid fair, encourage, assure, promise, flatter, buoy up, reassure, embolden, raise expectations, etc.

    (Adjectives). Hoping, etc., in hopes, etc., hopeful, confident, secure, buoyant, buoyed up, sanguine, optimistic, enthusiastic, utopian.

    Fearless, unsuspecting, unsuspicious; free or exempt from fear, suspicion, distrust, etc., undespairing.

    Auspicious, promising, propitious, bright, rose - coloured, rosy, of good omen, de bon augure.

    (Phrases). Nil desperandum; never say die; all for the best.

  • Absence, want, or loss of hope.
  • Hopelessness (Substantives), despair, desperation, despondency, pessimism 837; forlornness, a forlorn hope, the Slough of Despond.

    (Verbs). To despair, despond, give over; to lose, give up, abandon, relinquish, etc., all hope; to yield to despair.

    To inspire or drive to despair; to dash, crush, or destroy one's hopes.

    (Phrases). To trust to a broken reed; "lasciate ogni speranza voi ch' entrate."

    (Adjectives). Hopeless, having lost or given up hope, losing, etc., hope, past hope, despondent, pessimistic, forlorn, desperate, incurable.

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