Words Relating to Matter

Section III.—Organic Matter

1°. Vitality

I. Vitality in general

  1. Organisation (Substantives), the organised world, organised nature, living nature, animated nature, living beings.
  2. The science of living beings: Biology, Œcology, Natural History,1 Organic Chemistry. See 368, 369.

  3. Inorganisation (Substantives), the mineral world or kingdom, unorganised, inorganic, brute or inanimate matter.
  4. The science of the mineral kingdom: Mineralogy, Geognosy, Petrology, Lithology, Geology, Metallurgy, etc.

  5. Life2 (Substantives), vitality, animation, viability, the vital spark or flame, the breath of life, life-blood.
  6. (Phrase). The breath of one's nostrils.

    Vivification, revivification.

    The science of life: Physiology, metabolism.

    (Verbs). To be living, alive, etc., to live, breathe, fetch breath, respire, draw breath, to be born.

    (Phrases). To see the light; to come into the world; to draw breath.

    To come to life, to revive, come to.

    To give birth to, see 161.

    To bring, restore, or recall to life, to vivify, revive, revivify, reanimate, vitalise.

    (Phrase). To keep body and soul together.

    (Adjectives). Living, alive, in life, above ground, breathing, quick, viable.

    Vital, vivifying, vivified, Promethean, metabolic.

    (Phrases). Alive and kicking, in the land of the living.

  7. Death (Substantives), decease, dissolution, demise, departure, obit, expiration, termination, close or extinction of life, existence, etc., mortality, fall, doom, fate, release, rest, quietus, loss, bereavement, euthanasia, katabolism.
  8. Last breath, last gasp, last agonies, the death-rattle, dying breath, agonies of death, dying agonies.

    (Phrases). The ebb of life; the jaws of death; the swan-song; the Stygian shore; the sleep that knows no waking.

    (Verbs). To die, perish, expire.

    (Phrases). Breathe one's last; cease to live; depart this life; be no more; go off; drop off; pop off; lose one's life; drop down dead; resign, relinquish, or surrender one's life; drop or sink into the grave; close one's eyes; break one's neck; to give up the ghost; to be all over with one; to pay the debt to nature; to take one's last sleep; to shuffle off this mortal coil; to go to one's last home; to go the way of all flesh; to kick the bucket; to hop the twig; to cross the Stygian ferry; to go to the wall; to snuff out; to go off the hooks; to go to one's account; to

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