(Adverbs). Necessarily, needs, of necessity, perforce, forcibly, compulsorily; on or by compulsion or force, involuntarily, etc., impulsively 612, unwittingly 491.

    (Phrases). It must be; it needs must be; it cannot be helped; che sarà sarà; there is no help for it; there is no alternative; nothing for it but; necessity has no law; needs must when the devil drives; dis aliter visum.

  1. Willingness (Substantives), voluntariness, disposition, inclination, leaning, penchant, humour, mood, vein, bent, bias, propensity, proclivity, aptitude, predisposition, predilection, proneness, docility, pliability 324, alacrity, earnestness, readiness, devices, assent 448.
  2. (Phrases). A labour of love; labor ipse voluptas.

    (Verbs). To be willing, etc., to incline to, lean to, mind, see Desire 865, to have lief, to propend.

    (Phrases). To find in one's heart; to set one's heart upon; to make no bones of; have a mind to; have a great mind to.

    (Adjectives). Willing, fain, disposed, inclined, minded, bent upon, set upon, forward, predisposed, hearty, ready, wholehearted, cordial, genial, keen, prepense, docile.

    Free, spontaneous, unforced, unasked, unsummoned, unbiased, unsolicited, unbesought, undriven, voluntary.

    (Adverbs). Willingly, freely, readily, lief, heartily, with a good grace, without reluctance, etc., as soon, of one's own accord 600, certainly, be it so 488.

    (Phrases). With all one's heart, con amore; with heart and soul; heart in hand; with a good grace; à la bonne heure; by all means; by all manner of means; nothing loth; ex animo; to one's heart's content.

  3. Unwillingness (Substantives), involuntariness, indisposition, indisposedness, backwardness, disinclination, averseness, aversion, reluctance, repugnance, demur, renitence, remissness, slackness, lukewarmness, indifference, nonchalance.
  4. Hesitation, shrinking, recoil, suspense, dislike 867, scrupulousness, scrupulosity, delicacy, demur, scruple, qualm.

    A recusant, pococurante.

    (Phrase). Le médecin malgré lui.

    (Verbs). To be unwilling, etc., to nill.

    To demur, stick at, hesitate 605, waver, hang in suspense, scruple, stickle, boggle, falter, to hang back, hang fire, jib, grudge.

    (Phrase). To stick in the throat.

    To decline, reject, refuse 764, refrain, keep from, abstain, recoil, shrink, reluct.

    (Phrases). To set one's face against; to draw the line at.

    (Adjectives). Unwilling, unconsenting, disinclined, indisposed, averse, reluctant, not content, laggard, backward, remiss, slack, indifferent, lukewarm, frigid, scrupulous, repugnant, disliking 867.

    Demurring, wavering, etc., refusing 764, grudging.

    (Adverbs). Unwillingly, etc., perforce.

    (Phrases). Against the grain; invita Minerva; malgré soi; bon gré, mal gré; nolens volens; with a bad grace; not for the world; willy-nilly.

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