quicken, goad, spur, prick, edge, egg on, hurry on, stir up, work up, fan, fire, inflame, set on fire, fan the flame, blow the coals, stir the embers, put on one's mettle, set on, force, rouse, arouse, lash into fury, get a rise out of.

    (Phrases). To follow the bent of; to follow the dictates of; to make no scruple; to make no bones; to act on principle.

    (Adjectives). Impulsive, motive, persuasive, hortatory, seductive, carnying, suasory, suasive, honey- tongued, tempting, alluring, piquant, exciting, inviting, tantalising, etc.

    Persuadable, persuasible, suasible, soft, yielding, facile, easily persuaded, etc.

    Induced, moved, disposed, led, persuaded, etc., spellbound, instinct with or by.

    (Adverbs). Because, for, since, on account of, out of, from; by reason of, for the sake of, on the score of.

    As, forasmuch as, therefore, hence, why, wherefore; for all the world.

    (Phrase). Hinc illœ lacrimœ.

  • Absence of motive, see Caprice 608.
  • (Phrase). Without rhyme or reason.

    Dissuasion (Substantives), dehortation, discouragement.

    Inhibition, check, restraint, curb, bridle, rein, stay, damper, chill, remonstrance, expostulation.

    Scruple, qualm, demur 867, reluctance, delicacy 868; counter-attraction.

    (Phrase). A wet blanket.

    (Verbs). To dissuade, dehort, discourage, disincline, indispose, dispirit, damp, choke off, dishearten, disenchant, disillusion, deter, keep back, put off, choke off, render averse, etc.

    To withhold, restrain, hold, check, bridle, curb, rein in, keep in, inhibit, repel 751.

    To cool, blunt, calm, quiet, quench, shake, stagger, remonstrate, expostulate, warn.

    To scruple, refrain, abstain, etc. 603.

    (Phrases). To throw cold water on; to turn a deaf ear to.

    (Adjectives). Dissuading, etc., dissuasive, dehortatory.

    Dissuaded, discouraged, etc., uninduced, unmoved, unactuated, uninfluenced, unbiased, unimpelled, unswayed, unprovoked, uninspired, untempted, unattracted.

    Repugnant, averse, scrupulous, etc. 867, unpersuadable 606.

  • Ostensible motive, or reason assigned.
  • Plea (Substantives), allegation, pretext, pretence, excuse, cue, colour, gloss, salvo, loophole, handle, shift, quirk, guise, stalking-horse, makeshift, special pleading, cheval de bataille, claptrap, advocation, soft sawder, a Canterbury tale, moonshine; a lame excuse or apology.

    (Phrase). A hole to creep out of.

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