(Verbs). To desire, wish, long for, fancy, have a mind to, be glad of, want, miss, need, feel the want of, would fain have, to care for.

    To hunger, thirst, crave, lust after, hanker after, itch for.

    To desiderate, sigh, cry, gape, gasp, pine, pant, languish, yearn for, aspire after, catch at, jump at.

    To woo, court, solicit, etc.

    (Phrases). To have at heart; to find in one's heart; to set one's heart upon; to cast a sheep's eye upon; to set one's cap at; to run mad after.

    To cause, create, raise, excite, or provoke desire; to allure, attract, solicit, tempt, hold out temptation or allurement, to tantalise, appetise.

    (Phrases). To whet the appetite; to make one's mouth water.

    To gratify desire, slake, satiate 827.

    (Adjectives). Desirous, inclined, fain, keen, wishful, wishing, desiring, wanting, needing, hankering after, dying for, partial to.

    Craving, hungry, esurient, sharp - set, keen - set, peckish, thirsty, athirst, dry.

    Greedy, voracious, lickerish, open-mouthed, agog, covetous, ravenous, rapacious, unsated, unslaked, insatiable, insatiate.

    (Phrases). Pinched, or perished, with hunger; greedy as a dog; hungry as a horse; hungry as a hunter; having a sweet tooth; devoured by desire; nothing loth; alieni appetens.

    Eager, bent on, intent on, aspiring, ambitious, vaulting, vehement, etc., see 825, would-be.

    Desirable, desired, desiderated, etc., see Pleasing 829.

    (Interjections). O for! would that!

  • Indifference (Substantives), coldness, coolness, unconcern, insouciance, inappetency, listlessness, lukewarmness, see Disdain 930.
  • (Verbs). To be indifferent, etc.; to have no desire, wish, taste, or relish for; not to care for; to disdain, spurn 930.

    (Adjectives). Indifferent, undesirous, cool, cold, unconcerned, insouciant, unsolicitous, unattracted, etc., lukewarm, half-hearted, listless, unambitious, unaspiring, phlegmatic.

    Unattractive, unalluring, uninviting, undesired, undesirable, etc., uncared for, unwished, uncoveted, unvalued.

    Vapid, tasteless, insipid, unappetising, mawkish, namby-pamby, flat, stale, vain.

  • Dislike (Substantives), distaste, disrelish, disinclination, reluctance, backwardness, demur.
  • Repugnance, disgust, queasiness, turn, nausea, loathing, averseness, aversion, abomination, antipathy, abhorrence, horror, hatred, detestation (see 898), hydrophobia.

    (Verbs). To dislike, mislike, disrelish.

    To shun, avoid, eschew, withdraw from, shrink from, shrug the shoulders at, recoil from, shudder at.

    To loathe, nauseate, abominate, detest, abhor, see Hate 898.

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