(Adverbs). Changeful, changeable, mobile, unsteady 605, trimming, double-faced, ambidexter, fast and loose, time-serving, facing both ways.

    Fugacious, see 111, revocatory.

    (Phrase). A change coming over the spirit of one's dream.

  1. Caprice (Substantives), fancy, fantasy, humour, whim, crotchet, fad, craze, capriccio, quirk, freak, maggot, vagary, whimsy, whim - wham kink, prank, fit, flim-flam, escapade, boutade, wild-goose chase, freakishness, skittishness, volatility, fancifulness, whimsicality, giddiness, inconsistency, contrariety; a madcap.
  2. (Verb). To be capricious, etc.

    (Phrases). To strain at a gnat and swallow a camel; to take it into one's head; to let oneself go.

    (Adjectives). Capricious, inconsistent, fanciful, fantastic, whimsical, full of whims, etc., erratic, crotchety, faddy, viewy, perverse, humoursome, way-ward, captious, contrary, contrarious, skittish, fitful.

    (Phrases). The head being turned; the deuce being in him; nil fuit unquam sic impar sibi.

  3. Choice (Substantives), option, election, arbitrament, adoption, selection, excerption, co-optation, gleaning, eclecticism, lief, preference, predilection, pre-option, discretion, fancy.
  4. Decision, determination, adjudication, award, vote, suffrage, ballot, referendum, verdict, voice, plumper.

    Alternative, dilemma 704.

    Persuasion, seduction, bringing over, see 615.

    Chooser, elector, voter, constituent; constituency.

    Thing chosen, choice, élite 650.

    (Verbs). To choose, decide, determine, elect, list, think fit, use one's discretion, fancy, shape one's course, prefer, have rather, have as lief, take one's choice, adopt, select, fix upon, pitch upon, pick out, single out, vote for, plump for, co-opt, pick up, take up, catch at, jump at, cull, glean, pick, winnow.

    (Phrases). To winnow the chaff from the wheat; to pick one's way; to indulge one's fancy; to pick and choose; to make no bones; to make or have no scruple; to take a decided step; to pass the Rubicon 604; to hold out; offer for choice; commend me to.

    To be persuaded, etc.

    (Phrases). To swallow the bait; to gorge the hook; to yield to temptation.

    To persuade, overcome, seduce, entice, see 615.

    (Adjectives). Optional, discretional, eclectic, choosing, etc., chosen, etc., decided, etc., preferential; left to oneself.

    (Adverbs). Discretionally, at pleasure, à plaisir, a piacere, at discretion, at will, ad libitum.

    Decidedly, etc., rather; once for all, either the one or the other, for one's money, for choice.

  5. Absence of Choice, see Necessity 601.
  6. Rejection (Substantives), refusal, see 764; declining, repudiation, exclusion.

    Indifference, indecision 605.

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