Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties

Division I.—Formation of Ideas

Section I.—Operations of Intellect in General
  1. Intellect (Substantives), mind, understanding, reason, thinking principle, nous, noesis, sense, common sense, consciousness, capacity, intelligence, percipience, intellection, intuition, instinct, conception, judgment, genius, parts, wit, wits, shrewdness, archness, intellectuality; the five senses; rationalism; see Skill 698 and Wisdom 498.
  2. Subconsciousness, the subconscious mind.

    Soul, spirit, psyche, ghost, inner man, heart, breast, bosom, penetralia mentis, divina particula aurœ.

    Organ or seat of thought: sensorium, sensory, brain, head, head-piece, pate, noddle, nut, skull, brain- pan, pericranium, cerebrum, cerebellum, cranium.

    Science of mind: Metaphysics, Psychology, Psychics, Psycho-analysis, Ideology, Idealism, Ideality, Pneumatology, Immaterialism, Intuitionism, Realism, etc.

    Metaphysician, psychologist, psycho-analyst, etc.

    (Adjectives). Relating to intellect: intellectual, noetic, gnostic, mental, spiritual, subjective, metaphysical, psychical, psychological, noumenal, ghostly, immaterial 317, cerebral; subconscious, subliminal, Freudian.

  3. Absence or want of intellect, see 499, materialism.

    (Adjectives). Material, objective, etc.

  4. Thought (Substantives), reflection, cogitation, cerebration, consideration, meditation, study, lucubration, speculation, deliberation, pondering, head - work, application, attention 457.
  5. Abstraction, contemplation, musing, reverie 458, Platonism; depth of thought, workings of the mind, inmost thoughts, selfcounsel, self - communing, self-examination, introspection; succession, flow, train, current, etc., of thought or of ideas, brain-wave.

    Afterthought, second thoughts, reconsideration, retrospection, retrospect 505, examination, see Inquiry 461.

    Thoughtfulness, pensiveness, intentness.

    Telepathy, thought - transference, mind-reading.

    (Verbs). To think, reflect, cogitate, excogitate, consider, deliberate, speculate, contemplate, meditate, introspect, ponder, muse, ruminate, think over, brood over, animadvert, con, con over, study, bend or apply the mind, digest, discuss, hammer at, puzzle out, weigh, perpend.

    (Phrases). Take into account; take into consideration; to take counsel; to commune with oneself; to collect one's thoughts; to advise with one's pillow; to sleep on or over it; to chew the cud upon; revolve in the mind; turn over in the mind; to rack one's brains; to put on one's thinking-cap.

    To harbour, entertain, cherish, nurture, etc., an idea, or a thought, a notion, a view, etc.

    To occur, present itself, pass in the mind, suggest itself; to fancy, trow, dream of.

    (Phrases). To flash on the mind; to flit across the view; to enter the mind; come into the head; come uppermost; run in one's head.

    To make an impression; to sink or penetrate into the mind; fasten itself on the mind; to engross one's thoughts.

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