Words Relating to Matter

Section I.—Matter in General

  1. Materiality (Substantives), corporeity, corporality, materialness, substantiality, physical condition.
  2. Matter, body, substance, brute matter, stuff, element, principle, parenchyma, material, substratum, frame, corpus pabulum, stocks and stones.

    Science of matter: Physics, Somatology, Somatics, Natural Philosophy, Physiography, Physical Science, Experimental Philosophy, Positivism, Materialism.

    (Verbs). To materialise, embody.

    (Adjectives). Material, bodily, corporeal or corporal, physical, somatic, somatological, materialistic, sensible, tangible, ponderable, objective, bodied.

  3. Immateriality (Substantives), incorporeity, spirituality, spirit, etc. 450, inextension.
  4. Personality, I, myself, ego.

    Spiritualism, Spiritism, Docetism, Immaterialism.

    (Verbs). To disembody, spiritualise, immaterialise.

    (Adjectives). Immaterial, incorporeal, unextended, bodiless, unbodied, disembodied, spiritual, astral, psychical, psychic, extramundane, unearthly, pneumatoscopic, spiritualistic, Docetic.

    Personal, subjective.

  5. World (Substantives), nature, universe; earth, globe; the wide world, cosmos, sphere, macrocosm.
  6. The heavens, sky, welkin, empyrean, starry heaven, firmament, ether; the vault or canopy of heaven; the celestial spaces, the starry host, the heavenly bodies, stars, asteroids, constellations, galaxy, Milky Way, via lactea, nebulè, etc., sun, moon, planets, planetoids, satellites.

    Science of the heavenly bodies: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Uranography, Uranology, Cosmology, Cosmography, Cosmogony; orrery.

    An astronomer, star-gazer, cosmographer.

    (Adjectives). Cosmic, cosmical, mundane, terrestrial, terraqueous, terrene, sublunary, under the sun, subastral.

    Celestial, heavenly, spheral, starry, stellar, nebular, etc., sidereal, sideral, astral, solar, lunar.

  7. Gravity (Substantives), weight, heaviness, gravitation, ponderosity, ponderousness, pressure, load, burden, ballast; a lump, mass, weight; ponderability.
  8. Lead, a millstone, mountain.

    (Phrase). Pelion on Ossa.

    Science of gravity: Statics.

    (Verbs). To be heavy, to gravitate, weigh, press, cumber, load.

    (Adjectives). Weighty, heavy, ponderous, gravitating, weighing, etc., ponderable, lumpish, cumbersome, massive, unwieldy, cumbrous, incumbent, superincumbent; gravitational.

    (Phrase). Heavy as lead.

  9. Levity (Substantives), lightness, imponderability, subtlety, buoyancy, airiness, portability, volatility.

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